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The best places to travel alone: Reykjavik

Oct 20, 2013

Travel alone to Reykjavik Iceland is very fun. Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. In 1786, Reykjavik was officially founded as a trading city area. The population is around 120,000. Reykjavik is located in Southwest Iceland. The area of coastline is characterized by peninsulas, straits, coves and islands. The weather in Reykjavik is unpredictable. The temperatures are quite bland. January is the coldest month and usually with some snow. During Christmas in December, there is no snow. Summer is the most favorite season in Reykjavik. They start wearing shorts and T-shirts. There are many people going sunbathing during summer. The main problem in Reykjavik is wind. The winds can be strong and chilling because the city is open to the seas. The languages spoken Icelandic and English, so, you do not need to worry when traveling solo to Reykjavik Iceland.

Travel Alone to Reykjavik Iceland is Simple and Easy

Travel alone to Reykjavik Iceland is a great experience that you will not easily forget. The culture is relaxed and the air is clean. The people in Reykjavik are health conscious. They sell a lot of fresh food. Besides that, they do many healthy activities such as thermal pool routines and lots of walking. Reykjavik is one of the safest countries in the world. You do not need to be worried about getting mugged or assaulted. You are much safer in Reykjavik than any other places in the world. Travel alone to Reykjavik Iceland will surely bring you back again over there.

There is an affordable Bed and Breakfast in Reykjavik called the Askot. The place is very clean and wonderful neighborhood. The breakfast served is very healthy and protein packed. Besides that, if you want to try the food nearby, you can go to Icelandic Bar. It is very cozy and serves interesting foods such as lamb, best salads, whale, etc. Travel alone to Reykjavik Iceland will freshen up your mind. The beautiful scenery and the air will bring you back there again. You do not need to worry about the language. If the people talk to you by using Icelandic, you can respond them in English and they will understand well. It is recommended for you to have hiking shoes to walk around the city.

Description: Travel alone to Reykjavik Iceland will be very fun. The kind people over there will make your trip very pleasant. The beautiful scenery and the fresh air will make you want to go back there again.


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