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Top Honeymoon Destinations around the World

Jan 16, 2014

What is better than spending your honeymoon in heavenly beautiful honeymoon destinations? Everybody wants to get the most unforgettable experience for their honeymoon. Visiting some picturesque and romantic places becomes the most common option for partners who wish for outstanding moments for their honeymoon. Trusting your honeymoon to travel agents who offer honeymoon packages can be a good idea, but making your own travel plan can be much more fascinating. Here we have some heavenly honeymoon destinations that you can opt.


Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

Do you plan to spend your honeymoon vacations in Asia? You better go for it because there are plenty of honeymoon destinations in Asia.

Honeymoon in Kerala and Phuket

Kerala and Phuket are listed into the best destinations for honeymoon in India and Thailand, Asia territories. The natural atmosphere, emerald backwater, picturesque hill tops and exotic wildlife are several attractions offered by Kerala.

honeymoon in Kerala

While Phuket offers its renowned honeymoon destinations such as beach with warm blue sea, outstanding tropical sunset and heavenly islands. 

Honeymoon in Bali island-Indonesia

Bali, the most popular tiny island in Indonesia offers gorgeous scenery for every visitor. Directing your honeymoon destinations to Bali can be your best decision for unforgettable memories. This little piece of heaven offers stunning scenery with its unique culture.

Honeymoon in Bali

Honeymoon in Maldives

Like Bali, Maldives also offers natural untouchable scenery which is just perfect for honeymoon destinations. The tropical island with a virgin landscape offers romantic honeymoon ever. 
Honeymoon in Maldives

There are many other honeymoon destinations offered by Asia. Just mention Luang Prabang which can be your perfect honeymoon destinations on a budget, Cambodia’s Ko Rong with its magnificent island of white sands and romantic beach and Hoi An that offers UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as Tropical Island to stand out white corals. Langkawi also provides romantic resorts like the sandy beaches, tropical forests and more as well as Mauritius with its outstanding island, beaches, sunsets and other sort of things. If you want to go shopping and experience the night life, Macau can be the best honeymoon destinations.


Honeymoon Destinations in the US and Europe

Do you live in the US and want to enjoy your honeymoon without going so far away? No need to worry as there are a lot of honeymoon destinations in the US. We have some honeymoon ideas for all of you who want to experience the romance of the honeymoon.

 Honeymoon in Maui  and Hawaii Island

Maui and Hawaii are two recommended honeymoon destinations for amazing moments. Both of them offer sandy beaches and gorgeous Tropical Island. But, if you wish for a not-so-crowded island for romantic honeymoon, Lanai can be taken into account. Virgin Island with its outstanding scenery can also be your destination for honeymoon.

Honeymoon in Maui

There are many others honeymoon destinations in the US including Napa Valley where you can find large vineyard, Savannah with its relaxing atmosphere, Key West, Monterey and Martha’s Vineyard with their sunny beaches and romantic sunset or spending your time by strolling around Santa Barbara. Well, now you know there are so many beautiful honeymoon destinations in the US that worth visiting.

Honeymoon in Santa barbara
Do you need some more references for honeymoon destinations? After revealing some stand out places in the US, now we move to Europe. Europe is renowned for its romantic places such as Italy, Paris and more. Paris, the symbol of romance becomes the most popular destinations for new partners. But, Europe has more worth honeymoon destinations which are just perfect to spend your honeymoon. Crete and Dubrovnik for instance, the two resorts offer magnificent beaches. Crete allows the honeymooners spend their time in warm and sandy beaches. Meanwhile, honeymooners can the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea in Dubrovnik. 

If you wish for a brand new experience with your partner, Reykjavik can be the best honeymoon destinations. Reykjavik is probably the most romantic place for your honeymoon as you can see the shimmering Aurora Borealis over your head. Europe also has Edinburgh and Monaco as your honeymoon spots. Strolling around Edinburg’s alleys and enjoying the fairy-tale-city of Monaco can be a good idea for your honeymoon. Budapest, Lisbon and Cinque Terre can also be included in your travel list as they offer extraordinary landscape for honeymooners. Lisbon and Budapest with their hills and Cinque Terre with its beaches are perfect to be listed into your honeymoon destinations.


There are thousands of honeymoon destinations throughout the world. We have gathered some magnificent honeymoon destinations around the world in one place. Check them out!


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