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Best Places to Travel in the United States

Oct 10, 2013

The United States becomes the place where people from all around the world to pursue their American dream. They want to be successful in the US and there is no doubt that they will try to work very hard every day so they can grab their dream to get success in the United States. However, of course they will need to enjoy some refreshment and they can find this right in the United States. There are some places in the United States which can be a great destination to travel. The best places to travel in the US below are suggested for getting best traveling experience in the United States.
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Washington DC which becomes the capital city of the United States should not be missed as the best travel destination in the United States because it has various attractions including the White House, the US Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Monument. As the center of movie industry in the United States, Los Angeles becomes another great place to go in the United States. People can enjoy the Walk of Fame and see the residence of many Hollywood actors. They can also meet some of them on the street if they are lucky. Nightlife, gambling, and shopping lovers have to visit Las Vegas. 
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The Best Places to Travel in the US with Uniqueness

Besides those cities, Mesa Verde National Park should not be missed because it has the remaining of inhabitation as well as an archeological site of Puebloan people. People must not forget to visit the most beautiful waterfall in the United States, Niagara Falls although it is actually located on the border of the United States and Canada. The best places for traveling the US such as the French Quarter is a must to visit when people are in New Orleans because they can find various national landmarks and also historical buildings. Yellowstone National Park becomes the natural wonder which will offer a great experience. Hawaii of course becomes a top destination in the United States which should not be ignored. People also should visit New York and Grand Canyon.


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