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The Best Place to Spend Summer Next Year

Oct 29, 2013

The holidays are almost always exciting as you are finally free from work and have all the time in the world to enjoy a vacation and spend more time with the family. There are many places to recommend visiting for 2014 vacation plans, however there are several that are worth bringing to your attention.

New Choices of Places for The Best Vacation in Your Life


best places to travel  next summer

One of the best places vacation is the Tenerife, Red Sea. Full of resorts and the awaiting beach, your escape to the Arabian Gulf will provide you a memory of a life time. The area is surprisingly not only home to beaches but also the mountains making a perfect hiking and nature-engagement plan.

If you are thinking about best places vacation to visit in Africa, the Cape Verde Islands will also please you. Only 6 hours in distance, the beach offers you a cool temperature of an average of 25 degrees Celsius throughout the year making a terrific getaway from the gloomy weather at home. The Cape Verde islands are home to a small archipelago of the other islands as well hence allowing you to visit 9 other neighboring islands if you will. Offers of tours and vacations come in plenty hence book a tour right away if the date is already set.

African Getaway with Breathtaking View


best places to travel  next summer

Last but not least on the list of best places vacation is Mauritius. Also located in the coast of the African continent, comb beaches from end to end and be excited that their offer the of views are breathtaking wherever you go. With plenty of visitors during the peak seasons but not too crowded that it leaves you no room to move, the Mauritius islands are definitely one of the best destinations for vacation in 2014. Take your family with you and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime. Reservations for hotels are best conducted online for effective planning and fast response.

best places to travel  next summer


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