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The best places to travel in Europe: Marseille, France

Oct 23, 2013

Travel to Marseille means visiting to the wonderful place. This city is located in French. It is one of the most visited places in French. There are some attractions dealing with this tourism place. You may think that it is a good recommendation for you and your family to have the traveling time for your vacation. It is a warranty for you to have the new experience of traveling to Marseille.

The tourism Attraction when Travel to Marseille


 best places to travel in Europe

Travel to Marseille means you have to visit the Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde. This is a kind of religious site. You can have it for the attraction of the design of the church. Many people said that this church is so magnificent. For getting to the place, you can take the bus. You can see the parking spaces around the church. The lift can be found in the church. Many people also said that the feeling which the people have is the same as the feeling when visiting the church in Rio. Travel to Marseille will be completed by having the marine attraction.
 best places to travel in Europe

It is the Plonge Phoceenne Formation. It belongs to the health type attraction. By having this marine attraction, you can do the scuba diving, open water divers, diving, etc. You can find the hidden treasure underneath the water. It will be wonderful for you if you like doing such kind of diving. Besides that, when you Travel to Marseille you can have the bright sunshine in the cold season. It can warm your body in the cold time. You may regard the diving time to be something special to do. You can have the wonderful time in your vacation by visiting this city. It can be your consideration for deciding to travel to this place. You can have the perfect accommodation while the trip. This is the short discussion about Travel to Marseille.


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