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One Night in the Best Places to Travel in Africa of Marrakech City

Jan 21, 2014

If you had the chance to visit the best places to go in Africa, you should not miss to come to one of the top three cities of Morocco, Marrakech. Founded by Abu Bakr Ibn Umar in the year 1062, Marrakech became a part of the four cities that have a significant role in the history of the empire of Morocco. This is why many tourists go to here and called as the best places to travel in Africa.


What makes Marrakech as one of the best places to travel in Africa?

First of the best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech is Night Market Jemaa El Fna. The old city of Marrakech in Morocco has a hypnotic attraction all the tourists wandering at night, the night market. The unique and interesting facts about Africa best places to travel in Marrakech city are actually not only food, night markets of Marrakech, visitors can also enjoy live music, exhibition of paintings and astrologer. Not only that, visitors can also find booths of clothing, accessories or souvenirs that can be used as a souvenir. This night market should on the list of your travel in the best places to travel in Africa.

Second of the best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech is Koutoubia Mosque. The mosque is also known as the Mosque Kutubiyya, Jami al Kutubiyah, and Kutubiyyin Mosque. Mosque Koutoubia is situated in the terrestrial media area, next to the town square of Marrakech. Having a 77-meter-high tower, including spire and balls, like the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower stands firmly in the Koutoubia mosque courtyard. This mosque was built in 1184 until 1199. The mosque is also very unique because it uses materials and sandstone soil peacock. This could be the one of the Marrakech favorite place as the best places to travel in Africa.



What else about this best place to travel in Africa?


A third of the best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech is Gueliz Marrakech Medina. Different to other cities in Morocco, Marrakech is the contrast representing two continents, Africa and Europe. If you want to enjoy the warm atmosphere of Europe, someone could come to the Gueliz neighborhood. Whereas if you want to feel the atmosphere of Africa, could come to the Medina area. European feel is very pronounced in the area of Gueliz. Not only has the architecture of the building, but also the ranging from clothing stored, souvenir, all European flavors. Meanwhile, it's Medina neighborhood thick with the African side through a row of shops and traditional markets. And here where you will find other best places to travel in Africa.

A third of the best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech is Typical Moroccan Riad House. Reid is a traditional Moroccan house or palace in which the furnished interior courtyard and garden. The word read comes from the Arabic word which means a special garden. Riad also regarded as a design house in which Muslims because women have privacy for gardening and garden. There is a philosophy of building forms the traditional Moroccan house. With a simple form, a Riad allows a family to have privacy and protection against the weather. A large window in the middle of the house and garden is at once natural cooling air circulation. Fifth of Africa best places to travel in Marrakech is Atlas Mountains. It's located on the African continent, but it does not mean that Morocco did not have a chance to have snow. The snow white expanse at the top of the mountains Oukaimeden known as the Atlas Mountains, a sight unique and interesting because it is located in mainland Morocco dominated arid desert. These are some best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech city.

Description: The best places to travel in Africa of Marrakech offers the beauty of two places, Arabic and African at once. So, what it could be, you will never be able to imagine it except you yourself visit this beautiful city.


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