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The Best Places to Travel in Africa-A Wildlife of Nairobi

Jan 19, 2014

In the best places to travel in Africa, it is situated at an elevation of approximately 1,680 meters; Nairobi has an impressive view of the surrounding area. On a sunny day, you directly see typical sceneries in Africa. To the north there is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa, namely Mount Kenya, with altitudes of 5,199 meters. This mountain has become the best places to travel in Africa.

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What else of Nairobi as the best places to travel in Africa?

Farther south on the Kenya (another best place to travel in Africa) - Tanzania border, there is Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain towering as high as 5,895 meters. The presence of snow and ice throughout the year at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is situated near the equator, making the curious geography experts and European explorers 150 years ago, it is for sure that these are the best places to go in Africa


As one of the best places to travel in Africa, Nairobi offers exotic plants such as bougainvillea flowers, blooming jacaranda, and eucalyptus flower are growing rapidly, and flower combs were introduced. As a result of Africa best places to travel, Nairobi also offers dusty paths which slowly turned into wide boulevards with rows of trees that always provide the shade for pedestrians during the summer. An arboretum near the heart of the city has at least 270 species of trees. We can understand why people stated that Nairobi “as if it was built in the middle of natural forest “. Nairobi has a fun - warm temperatures during the day and cools at night. You may visit this city which is part of the beauty of the best places to travel in Africa.

The wildlife of Nairobi as the best places to travel in Africa


Many best places to travel in Africa, in Nairobi, there are national parks and a wildlife reserve there continues to attract thousands of visitors annually. Many organized tours of Nairobi. However, Nairobi itself is also a tourist destination. It is just a few cities in the world side by side with wild beasts. Nairobi National Park, which is 10 kms from the heart of the city is a place favored by visitors. Here, we can deal directly with the residents of Nairobi early. It is an only a few strands of steel wire that separates animals with human populations. So, don’t miss these best places to travel in Africa.

Not far from there, other best places to travel in Africa which are the essence of the Nairobi; Nairobi Museum. Each day, hundreds of people visit this office to learn about Kenyan history very interesting. Snake Park inside the museum contains many species of reptiles. Crocodile seems not in the least disturbed by the gaze of visitors. This one of Africa best places to travel also offers the main inhabitants of this place which are kind of creeping animal - cobra, pythons and vipers. Because the animals are free to roam, be sure to pay attention to the sign, “Caution Venomous Snakes!” So, will you plan to visit these best places to travel in Africa?

Description: The best places to travel in Africa of Nairobi offers a wildlife that you can never imagine about it. Not just the wildlife that Nairobi offers, but also the exotic aspect of the beauty of Nairobi that you will get, so, doesn’t miss it.


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