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Blackberry Farm as Honeymoon Destination in US

Mar 15, 2014

Any once in awhile, we fall into one of the places that have honeymoon destination in the US .  We can stay one month there and never try anything or get bored.  Now, we may think of one of the places that are located in the Great Smoky Mountain.  The award winning, the luxury destination, and the resort are called the Blackberry Farm. There are many honeymoon destinations in the United States and many more around the world. If we are hot and new married couples who want to have a luxurious honeymoon, we can come to the United States and visit blackberry farm. This is a place for those who need a private and romantic time with their loved. Here, we can find and stay at a romantic and luxurious resort.

honeymoon in US

The main honeymoon destination in US

The food and the wine are one of the main honeymoon destinations in US. We can find the alfresco dining moment in the something out of the Martha Stewart fairy tale.  Any plate provides the visual and the culinary fireworks that create plenty of food spotting and the instagram sharable moment.  The foods are served well. They are not just made in a delicious taste but also in a beautiful look. We can enjoy the foods both on its taste and its visual appearance. The style of food is named the Foothill Cuisine which is refined and rugged at the same time. We can enjoy and taste some nice foods and meals here. There will be some menus that are offered with so interesting look. We can taste a different taste of foods or meals of honeymoon destination in US that we may never taste in another place.

Blackberry Farm_4

Paved path’s honeymoon destination in the US

With all of the delicious food and the wine, we have to go outside and move around a bit. The Blackberry Farm offers more than 3 miles of paved path on the estate as well as the mile of trail throughout the 9,100 acres of property of the wooded honeymoon destination in the US .  We can use the guided excursion with the group or create our own adventure. We do not need to venture it with a local guide who has mastered the places and routes there. It will be challenging if we venture it by ourselves. We can experience an adventure with our loved. Along the way, it is also able to make us closer and closer. But it does not mean that we venture it with nothing. Map and a little information are needed.

Description: Food and the wine are one of the main honeymoon destinations in a US city and with all of delicious food and the wine, we have to go outside and move around blackberry farm a bit.


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