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Best Places to Travel in December

Oct 22, 2013

What better way to spend winter than by flying off to enjoy the sun elsewhere? There are plenty of places to see, the biggest question is, where first? The following are three recommendations of the best places to travel in December.

The Best Places to Spend Your Winter Holiday

vacation in Carribean Island
Candidate number one is the Caribbean Ocean. With pleasant weather throughout the year and splendid resorts with breathtaking view across the island, you will not regret being here. Sit back under the sun all day, sip into your coconut drink and watch the waves from afar. However as people worldwide are keeping an eye on resorts in the Caribbean approaching the end of December, it is important you book from the start of winter.

Historical Trip for Your Winter Holiday

Best Places to Travel in December
Another candidate for best places to travel in December is Cairo. Egypt. Indulge in a cultural experience and plenty of outdoor activities to take part in. As most of their tourism sites are out in the open, you can look forward to plenty of sun. The renowned pyramids, sphinxes and more are some of the places you must visit while you are there. If you are not a fan of the heavy rains, Egypt will be perfected. As the rains don’t fall so often, everyday is a sunny day!
Best Places to Travel in December

Last but not least on the list of best places to travel in December is Goa, India. India enjoys an average temperature of 33 degree Celsius during December and approaching the change of the year. This is warm enough to escape the winter back at home, yet cool enough to feel the breeze on the Goa Beach. As tourists from Europe fill the beaches from the end of November, it may be wise to start booking hotels in the area of Calungute from November to prevent being out-booked. Now that you have a list of candidates, start booking today!


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