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The best places to travel in the U.S.: Chicago

Oct 22, 2013

Travel to Chicago, one of the huge cities in the United States, has always been great activity. Why so? This city offers so many fun things. You won’t ever find yourself without any activities in this great city. There are a lot of things to do because Chicago provides you many great places to visit. The famous beautiful Lake Michigan is located in this city. It is also a place for great museums, beautiful beach, public art, great parks, even it is the place where most of architecture history around the world saved. For you who love food, Chicago has provided you a great place of fine dining where you and your beloved people can enjoy the night with delicious foods. There are many great restaurants spread in Chicago, no need to queue because you can always find delicious food at the nearby restaurant. Some of the best foods you should try are the Chicago hot dog which regarded as a perfect hot dog. Another is Chicago’s deep dish pizza, a super delicious pizza that should be tried. The other foreign restaurants from all over the world can be easily found in Chicago as well.

Travel to Chicago to visit beautiful parks

The best places to travel in the US

Travel to Chicago is also a good activity for you who love art. Chicago, an art city which is worth to visit, has been known as a place where any kind of art can be found easily. The start from the movie, Chicago is a place where many American movies are produced; it’s the third city after Los Angeles and New York that eventually active to produce great movies. Great concerts are also often held in some famous theatres in Chicago like the best known Chicago Theatre, UIC Pavilion, United Center, or Congress Theatre. Travel to Chicago enables you to enjoy great jazz, blues, hip-hop, R&B, rock and other kind of music. The great music concert is always held in great theatre. Furthermore, Chicago is the home of jazz and blues, this is a paradise for the people who love jazz and blues. This also causes more people travel to Chicago.

The best places to travel in the US

Some great beautiful parks are located in Chicago. The all ages can visit Millennium Park during summer. Jackson Park has a cultural garden which called the Osaka Garden, where you can enjoy a mini Japan in America. Washington Park and Midway Park are the place where many sport activities can be enjoyed. Chicago saves the world heritage architecture literature. This city is also filled with great and ethnic buildings like Chinatown. So what are you waiting for? Lake, foods, music, parks, and great building are waiting for you. You can take some tourist tour to Chicago. Just take some days and saving to travel to Chicago.


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