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The best places to travel in the U.S.: Honolulu - Oahu

Oct 25, 2013

Travel to Honolulu – Oahu is a big city on the Oahu Island. Honolulu city is even the biggest city of Hawaii and that is why Honolulu becomes the center of many sides in the city. Honolulu has been so famous for many times caused by its nature, especially for its beaches.

Travel the Beaches to Honolulu - Oahu


best places to travel in the us

Beaches in travel to Honolulu – Oahu are popular for the visitors and foreigners. There are so many beaches that have goodness from the visitor’s side. Visitors have their own need and concentration in going to beach. Much kind of beaches eases the visitors with different needs such swimming, sun bathing, etc. Waikiki beach is one option for swimming and sun bathing. This quite beach gives more safely for the learners in surfing because of the calm waves. The calm condition of the beach guarantees the people from being pulled from the waves. Learning to surf is often done on this beach for those considerations. Sun bathing is also done in the sun shines so bright in this beach and there are just some trees or anything blocking the sunlight. The white sand on the beach is like a material to play for the children, so not only the adult has reasons for visiting the Waikiki beach when travel to Honolulu - Oahu.

best places to travel in the us

Another option for going to beach must be a Holuna beach cove. In this place, the waves are slow and maybe that is why there is no lifeguard on travel to Honolulu - Oahu. The visitors must keep themselves from any disaster happens at the beach. Although there is no lifeguard at the beach, Haluna beach is still favorite beach. The best beach is Makapu beach. For the surfers that need and miss the challenge for the extraordinary sensation in surfing Makapu is the great choice for it. This beach has strong and large waves that must be amazing to surf.

Description: Travel to Honolulu – Oahu is a big city on the Oahu Island. Honolulu is even the biggest city of Hawaii. There are some beautiful beaches there.


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