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5 Best Places to Travel in Asia

Nov 28, 2013

Are you looking for the best places to travel in Asia? Congratulations as you are there by now. Here, we are going to show you some breathtaking places in Asia, especially Indonesia. Indonesia has been an extremely popular country for its magnificent scenery. Millions of tourists visit Indonesia each year. As Indonesia consists of hundreds of archipelagos, it offers stunning landscape as well as amazing culture. Bali, Toba Lake, Borobudur, Raja Ampat and Komodo Island are the best places to travel in Indonesia. To get further, check this out!

Best Places to Travel in Asia: The Hidden Heaven

best places to travel in Indonesia

Bali Island

The very first breathtaking place in Indonesia is Bali. The beauty of Bali has been well-known worldwide. People say that Bali is a piece of heaven on Earth. It is not excessive as it provides a picturesque landscape to indulge the tourists. Millions of tourists prefer to spend their holiday by enjoying the beauty of Bali. Moreover, Bali does not only promise wonderful sciences but also amazing culture. With the friendly natives, Bali can be a perfect place to visit. There are several places to spend your time in Bali. Pura Tanah Lot which offers stunning rock formation with pilgrimage temple over the rock gives you jaw-dropping view. If you wish to have a romantic travel, then Pura Ulun Danu Bratan will be your perfect place with the view of Bratan Lake.
If you think that Bali is the only beautiful place you can visit in Indonesia, you have to check this out. Indonesia is a country where the hidden heaven takes place and provides numerous best places to travel in Asia. It is blessed with hundreds of magnificent places to visit. Bali is one of them, and there are hundreds other places.
toba lake

Toba Lake

Just mention Toba Lake for sure. Toba Lake is situated in Sumatera and is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The lake is formed by volcanic eruption and 50,000 years later, another volcanic eruption formed a small island named Pulau Samosir. Toba Lake and Samosir Island offer a majestic view to make it a noticeable tourism spot in Indonesia which makes it listed in the perfect places to travel in Asia.
From Sumatera, we move to Java Island.
Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Temple

There lies a magnificent and great temple which is none other than the famous Borobudur Temple. Borobudur was known as one of Seven Wonders of the World. Borobudur is the Buddhist temple which is located in a mountainous area. It offers wonderful mountain scenery with relaxing atmosphere. The classical architecture showed the greatness of the dynasty at that time. UNESCO has determined that Borobudur is one of the world’s heritages which should be preserved. Borobudur offers a wonderful experience for the tourists and it is worth to be included into the best places to travel in Asia.
best places to travel in asia

Raja Ampat

Well, now we move to the eastern Island to check out another heaven Indonesia has. It is the Raja Ampat Islands to indulge your eyes with the most extraordinary of the island scenery. Raja Ampat is popular for its ocean natural resources. It offers a fascinating tourism spot for diving as it has over 1,500 small islands with extraordinary view. The underwater view is so wonderful that marine surveys claim that Raja Ampat has the highest diversity of marine life on Earth. If you intend to have a travel on the upcoming holiday, you should put Raja Ampat into your travel plan. The natural beauty and underwater scenery are worth to visit. This Indonesian eastern island offers unforgettable traveling experience. It is not surprising when Raja Ampat is honored as one of the best places to travel in Asia. Wait, we still have another beautiful place to visit in Indonesia.
komodo island

Komodo Island

It is the Komodo Island to make your travel more fascinating. Komodo Island is known as a candidate of Seven Wonders of the World due to its wonderful scenery. Komodo Island which belongs to East Nusa Tenggara Province offers a challenging travel to directly interact to the wild Komodo dragons. Komodo dragons are known as a wild and dangerous animal with its poisonous saliva. Once you travel to Komodo Island, you will experience a totally challenging moment with Komodo. With these pieces of heaven on Earth, traveling to Indonesia is strongly recommended to you.

Description: Figure out some best places to travel in Asia here. You can find 5 top places to spend your holiday and experience the best moment of traveling. Your travel is started here.


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