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Europe Best Place to Travel in August

Nov 27, 2013

A lot of people put European countries in their best place to travel in August list. It is proved by the crowds coming from America, Asia and even European citizen having a holiday. It is so because of the weather of most European countries are warm and nice in August. Not only that, European countries are also the countries of history. There are many historical sites that need to be visited during the trip in Europe. However since there will be a lot of people who have the same intention come to the countries, some of the tourist places will be full of crowd so it is better to have a research about which country of the best destination to travel in August that can handle crowd better and which places that are ready for that.


Countries of Best Place to Travel in August

England is one of the countries that are considered as the best place to travel in August for the nice weather that generally conquer the country. Here in England, there are many regions that offer the best service of tourists who want to enjoy the time during the holiday in Robin Hood’s Bay, The Lake District Travel Guide, Bath and the Cotswold’s, East Anglia and many more. These places offer the historical sites that should be visited for the nice view of the scenery, old buildings, and some activities that can be tried there like fishing, hiking and many more. For those who ask for the more modern places to go or shop but do not neglect the historical atmosphere and natural sites, you can try to visit London. London is a city that offers hospitality and also heterogeneous culture and people. With natural, traditional, historical and modern places and culture blend in this country, it is no wonder if England has the predicate as the best place to Travel in August.
robin hood bay
Who doesn’t know France? This place is well-known in all over the world. Not that different from England, France also has the beauty of old buildings, nice culture and the warm weather in August that makes it another best place to visit in August. For the crowd that usually comes during the holiday, this country is also considered as the country that has no problem to satisfy the tourists even with many people present in the town. Paris is one of the destinations of the best place to travel in August. The beauty of Eifel Tower never fades away and still gives romantic experience for couples who dine on the tower or around it while watching the orange light of the tower beautifully glows. These two countries offer hospitality to tourists and the good management of town and tourist flow that makes the tourists enjoys their visit. For that England and France are perfect choices when talking about the best destination to visit in August.

Description: European Best Place to Travel in August is England and France with their culture blending and also the ability to control the high flow of tourists coming for summer holiday.


Clarissa Brooks said...

One of my favorite vacations to Europe was when my family rented a villa in Tuscany, Italy. It was so beautiful there and completely different from our home in North Carolina. I have never been to France myself, but reading articles like this encourages my passion to do so.

Yadi Kusmayadi said...

Hello Clarissa,

France has a lot of tourist attractions there. Just plan and prepare your family to go there next holiday :)

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