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Best Place to Travel in August-Asian

Nov 25, 2013

There are several countries in Asia that are considered the best place to travel in August due to their weather and also the tourism sites that are wonderful with natural and beautiful scenery. So having ideas where to go next summer holiday yet? Try Asia. Asia has the best cultural and natural places to go with their east culture and tradition. If you want to have a cultural and traditional or shopping traveling these places are just perfect to visit. Nevertheless, traveling in Asia is much cheaper than having a trip in America or Europe.


Best Place to Travel in August in Indonesia and Malaysia

The first Asian best place to travel in August is Indonesia. Indonesia is a large country contains several big islands and small ones and it is one of the best destination to visit in August. This country is well-known for its natural and beautiful scenery and tourism sites. Not only that, traveling in Indonesia can keep your budget low since the prices of tourism sites to visit and the products are cheap. Moreover the quality of the products is also good. In Indonesia, there are several places that should not be missed: those are Borneo and Bali. Borneo is the part of Kalimantan, one of the biggest islands in Indonesia. You can trek and jungles walk in Sabah. To get a nice impression of this nicest place to travel in August you can go to Sarawak to visit National Parks, cave and beaches. Bali definitely can’t be missed! Bali is full of tourism objects: there are beautiful beaches like Kuta, Nusa Dua and Sanur. For traditional and cultural traveling, you can visit Ubud. This place is full of traditional dances, paintings, and souvenirs. There are still many places to visit in Indonesia. So it is no wonder if Indonesia is awarded as one of the best place to travel in August.
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Another country that is also considered as the best place to visit in August is Malaysia. Not so far from Indonesia, another fine country to have a holiday in August is Malaysia. The weather is normally fine, however rain will fall usually in the afternoon, but it usually won’t be long. Malaysia is one of the Asian countries that the transportation and the facility of the cities are represented. As the best place to travel in August in Asia, Malaysia fortunately uses English as their second language that makes it easy to find people to speak English with. This place is also a perfect place to shop because the price of the things is relatively cheap. If you plan to come to Malaysia next year than probably you can try to visit Redang Island, Tioman and Perhentian island to enjoy dry and hot season for diving and snorkeling since the condition of the sea is also perfect to explore. Those are the places of the best destination to travel in August in Asia.

Description: The best place to visit in August is considered based on the weather condition and the tourism objects that are provided in the country like Indonesia and Malaysia.


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