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The Best Cities Travel, Beach and Temple Icon

Nov 26, 2013

We cannot deny that in Bali Island, there are lots of spots regarded as the best cities travel to visit. Domestic and foreign tourist is willing to enjoy Bali, an island with lots of beaches, temples, covered with some unique culture of local people that will make you feel to have more and more time to spend here. Your travel will always be the best in if you spend in a city, called Ubud.

Ubud pemandian

Ubud, One of the Best Cities Travel in Bali Island

Ubud is only a little part of Bali, but it is known as best city travel. This is a favorite place for every tourist from all around the world. At most, they are looking for natural beaches and some extraordinary people with their culture which upheld to be their identity. It is very exciting when some religious side and culture can manage their local people, binding them as a unite community to respect their ancestor who willing to take care of them and their homeland. Your travel in this one of best cities is unremarkable, such great experience while you are visiting Indonesia. Here, its natural view of rice field with its unique treasuring, temples which are always being in every houses shows us how great their temptation to serve God each day they go out and go back to home, and friendly people who always open their hand to help and give their best smile in every moment they see you. I think it is enough to call Ubud to be the best city destination to travel. How can in this earth Ubud can deny to be regarded as one of best cities travel.
ubud bali

One more thing you should know about Ubud art traveling. You can see few art museums here. There are lots of famous painters who trust their painting collection to be placed in Ubud. One of famous art museums is redone, established by Nyoman Rudana, an art collector. In this place you can see paints and sculptures by famous artist from Bali and foreign artist who make Bali as their object. The aim of this best city travel is introducing the visitor to know more about Bali and visit more lately. By making tourist notice about Bali, not only by its natural attractive view, but also by its culture, Nyoman Rudana wants to empower the local people as well. Hopefully, they can get more incentive by selling some craft to tourist. There is also an art market in Ubud, a supportive place to make Ubud as one of the best cities for traveling.

Description: best city travel also can be seen in Ubud, Bali. One of the small cities in Indonesia, which is known by tourist through its remarkable culture, view, and local people who always attract them t miss this place and come more often in future.


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