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The Best Cities Travel in Indonesia-Beach Icon

Nov 9, 2013

Indonesia, with its best cities travel, a remarkable country, known as a country with friendly people, lots of culture, various languages, legends, natural places as destination for traveling, and more about Indonesia that’s needed to explore. Indonesia has many cities to visit with different characteristic that you won’t forget. Foreign people as well as domestic tourist are exciting to visit Indonesia. Furthermore, it is worthy when you see around with cost you spend for enjoying Indonesia’s best cities travel. It is about challenging yourselves to visit Indonesia’s nature with lots of islands which separated by seas. Natural lake is also amazing and you won’t be regret to spend money to feel its view, fresh air, virgin beaches, and so many cultures completed with each performance by the local people who really excited in welcoming you to be their guest.

  indonesia beach


Yogyakarta, One of the Best Cities Travel in Indonesia

I can’t explain complete Indonesia’s destination in traveling here, but something I can give is briefly explain the description of Yogyakarta, one of the best city travel in Indonesia. As we all know, Yogyakarta always attractive with its culture. People all around the world come to visit Yogyakarta to know how that attractive culture can bind them together and feel Yogyakarta as their own home to live. Why it is remarked as one of the best city travel in Indonesia? We will find the answer later. Indonesia’s matter almost in every place becomes the icon as the best city travel.
indonesia beach

The beach is one of the important reasons why Yogyakarta regarded as the best cities travel when you visit Indonesia. In geographical map we can see that Indonesia consisting of thousands islands. Yogyakarta is a small place in Java Island which covered with sea on the south coast. We can imagine how that small island faces the wave attacking, which sometime potentially direct to tsunami. However, the people living here mostly know how to treat their own land so that they will be saved by God, hopefully. It is a nice place to visit with white sands at most beaches. Sun exposure, darker skin, and more salty air are worthy for Yogyakarta, deserve to be regarded as one of Indonesia’s best cities travel. There is plenty of local food that you should enjoy while you are visiting Yogyakarta. One thing you should know is about the sweet taste of almost every food you here, as sweet as local people smile every time you meet them here, one of the best cities ever to travel.

Description: Best cities travel in Indonesia briefly shown in Yogyakarta, with sweetened food, as sweet as the local people smile to show that they are friendly and helpful in welcoming you to see their beaches in their homeland.


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