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How Time Travel: How to Figure out Time Travel

Nov 10, 2013

The definition of what is time travel and how time travel apparently is just still a mystery for most of people who actually really want to know about the definition and the way how actual time travel. Because of the condition that do not enable for people to understand more about how actually time travel, this condition makes the people do not understand about the definition of the time travel that formerly apparently have been proclaimed. But to understand about the time travel, there is some guidance for you who are really curious about the time travel actually.



Steps to understand the Time Travel

In the decades, lately, the concept about how time travel has had attracted some scientist in the world. The other surprising fact about what is time travel, as we more understand about the concept of time travel, the quantum physics laws, and also general relativity cannot reveal the time travel actually. Here is some guidance which may be a possibility to traverse timeline. The first step about learning is forwarding time travel. Due to the general relativity, as space ship’s velocity approaches the speed of light, people in older age move more slowly relative to the stationary object. The next step to understand about the time travel is by exploring what travel back in the time. Some particles seem has traveled back in time. According to the popular assumption of the particle theory, the particles’ antimatter actually travels in the opposite direction on the timeline. This fact can be utilized for the macroscopic of time travel, but is also willing give some hopes for the physics on the theoretical level. The other step about understanding the time travel is by understanding that there is no possibility to change over the past. Even though a brilliant scientist finds out a way to how time travel back the time, it will be impossible for him to prevent the murder of Abraham Lincoln.
how time travel

The other way to figure out how time travel is by studying the wormhole, Due to the recent theory which is developed, a space in sub microscopic level is filled tiny hole that will lead from a part of the universe to the other. According to this, maybe there are possibilities to inflate a hole to the macroscopic size, and to tug the hole through spacecraft to close light speed. The theory can also enable a person to theoretically enter the hole, and then emerge to the somewhere in the universe.

Description: How Time travel is one of the science mysteries which until now there is no any scientist can reveal it and found the answer about what and how time travel through.


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