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Full Safety for Women Traveling Alone With Anti Crime Tools

Dec 16, 2013

Women traveling alone will be safer if they have been fitted with the anti-crime tools which are used for protecting their ego and their assets, for women who travel alone will be risked highly to be the target of vicious activities, like kidnapping, stealing, snatching, hold-up, murder and other creepy criminal actions which may occur. Then, women must know kinds of anti crime tools which help them to protect themselves, choose the suitable ones to keep them save.

Pepper Spray

Kinds of Anti Crime Tools for Women Traveling Alone

First easy to be found and carried anti crime tools for women traveling alone is pepper spray. Pepper spray for women who travel alone is quite common today, since its function to arrive at those criminals who want to do negative things fly away and get some eye problems after you spray the pepper liquid to their eyes. Pepper spray contains the pepper spray which helps women to break the criminal actions that happen to them or even have some chances to rest those criminals. Women traveling alone need this pepper spray since this works well in keeping you safe from criminal activity.

Women may also attempt to apply the stun gun to make those criminals who try to do bad things are not able to achieve their purposes, stun guns are divided based on the voltages and the models, and to camouflage, the stun gun is designed similarly like HP, or other common things that is not recognizable as a stun gun for the criminals, they might be limp or even fainted. There are other kinds of anti crime tools which are available to protect the women, especially for women traveling alone. The prices for those anti crime tools are not worth with the safety of women, just Rp. 200.000,00 women are able to protect your assets and body.

Description: Women traveling alone will be more save with the anti crime tools like, pepper spray and remodeled stun gun.


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