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The Disadvantages of Women Traveling Alone In This Era

Dec 14, 2013

Women traveling alone are now becoming a common thing, since the independence of women always develops year by year. But, need to be considered that there will be some disadvantages that may occur if women do traveling alone, those disadvantages of women traveling alone are clearly shown in many news that are saying to us about how the society nowadays are dangerous if letting women travel alone, and how it will give impact to the family.

women traveling alone

Disadvantages of Women Traveling Alone For Family and For Women

The disadvantages of Women Traveling Alone are shown from nowadays from the development of illegal women trade and how the family may take if woman traveling alone. IlIegal women trade is now really booming and how the impacts are so apprehensive. Many women are kidnapped to be forced to work as a sexual worker or to be sold to another area or even abroad, then forced to be served or also sexual worker. This apprehensive condition about the impacts if women traveling alone must be considered deeply, women and the society must alert more about this to prevent the worse result both for women and to society.

Women traveling alone provoke those kind of illegal trade and women who do traveling alone is a chance for them to do that action. Disadvantages of women travel alone may also be felt for the family, for example if they are already married and moreover already have kids, then this activity of women traveling alone will disturb the piece on your house since you will not take care of your family for a while, gets worse if your husband is a busy man. Many disadvantages of this action that are needed to be valued and understood well then it will not give any bad effect to anyone or to society.

Description: Women traveling alone give some disadvantages from the family and how dangerous the society nowadays is.


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