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The Most Romantic Honeymoon in Europe

Jan 28, 2014

Whether you are planning a honeymoon, put this honeymoon in Europe on your list. The honeymoon, the sweetest experience for every partner is worth all the better for the unforgettable memory. Europe is renowned for its romantic places and thousands of honeymooners visit European honeymoon spots each year. Why don’t you get there and experience the best honeymoon ever? Here we have listed several outstanding and popular honeymoon destinations in Europe. Give your partner and yourself some enchantment by visiting these places.


The Worth Visiting Honeymoon Destination in Europe


honeymoon in paris
honeymoon in Paris
To begin with the best honeymoon in Europe, Paris will never be forgotten. Paris, the city of romance and fashion always has its enchantment to invite honeymooners. Paris as one of honeymoon destinations in Europe offers romantic Eiffel Tower, nice city to stroll and tasty dishes. Hundreds of honeymooners visit this city to spend their time and enjoy the beauty of Paris. Barcelona is the second renowned honeymoon in Europe. Barcelona is just perfect for honeymoon as it offers indulging scenery with a unique city to visit.
Cinque Terre, the beautiful honeymoon in Europe has been just perfect to visit. It has spectacular honeymoon spots in Europe, such as Vernazza, Monterosso Rocks and Sand and Portovenere and Palmaria. Vernaza indulges the honeymooners with picturesque landscape and green nature. The Monterosso Rocks and Sand offers a romantic beach for honeymooners who wish for natural look and relaxing atmosphere. Portovenere and Palmaria, the great places to have honeymoon in Europe give 100 percent of romance with a fantastic sunset view, romantic corner and delightful food.


Top European Honeymoon Destination

There are some top honeymoon vacations in Europe which offers indulging view and romantic feeling. Budapest, one of honeymoon destinations in Europe is a popular destination for honeymooners due to its magnificent scenery, remarkable city and romance. There are many things honeymooners can do in Budapest like visiting the castle, strolling around the alley, going to the traditional market and tasting the traditional dishes. Budapest is also renowned for its high quality wine with large vineyard on the other side of the city. You and your partner will be able to experience some kinds of unique moments in this honeymoon in Europe.

Crete and Dubrovnik are the most wonderful honeymoon trips in Europe if you want to feel the warm beach and wonderful view. Honeymooners are allowed to bask in the sun and enjoy the warm water in Crete. The new partner can also feel the romance of walking hand in hand along the beaches and get the magnificent view. Meanwhile, Dubrovnik offers a natural landscape of clean beaches of the Adriatic Sea. Honeymooners will definitely find the magnificence of this city when they stroll and taste the traditional cuisine of Dubrovnik. This honeymoon in Europe has been just worth visiting.
honeymoon in  Lisbon
Honeymoon in Lisbon

Reykjavik could be the best place in Europe for a honeymoon. Some spots in this honeymoon destination in Europe offer the most romantic thing for honeymooners. Once you visit Reykjavik, you and your partner can see the shimmering Aurora Borealis over your head. That is the most incredible thing for honeymooners. Reykjavik can be the most romantic honeymoon destination in Europe for those who want to break the boundary. It can be the most unique honeymoon idea as you can head for Iceland. Many great things are offered in Reykjavik like enjoying the nightlife in Reykjavik and go for shopping.
Lisbon is probably not really popular as honeymoon place in Europe. But, when honeymooners realize what they missed in Lisbon, soon they will direct their honeymoon to this place. Lisbon is a hilly city to offer romantic atmosphere. The old city is indulging with its serpentine streets and limestone building, to make it wonderful to stroll around the city. Just similar to Lisbon, Edinburg has been amazing with its winding alley and outstanding hotels. The friendly neighborhood makes Edinburg listed in the recommended honeymoon destination in Europe.

Monaco, our last honeymoon destinations in Europe is a beautiful spot to spend time. Monaco is a wonderful place for honeymooners since it offers a sparkling sandy beach with unique city. You can enjoy this honeymoon in Europe by strolling around the fairy-tale city hand-in-hand with your partner and feel the romance.

Description: Enjoy the sweetness and enchantment of your honeymoon in several honeymoon destinations in Europe. Read more here to figure out some top places for honeymooners in Europe.

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