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Another Beauty of Honeymoon in Hawaii

Feb 7, 2014

Honeymoon in Hawaii? Hearing the Hawaiian word that comes to mind is the beach. It is very well known all over the world. It is a favorite place for vacation and honeymoon. Indeed, who can resist the beauty beach? Hawaii is a state in the United States. Many tourism destinations beside the beaches, such zoo, botanical garden, hotels and more are including the culture of the Hawaiian people. As a beautiful place, there are a lot of you can explore during your honeymoon destination in Hawaii. But of course, the beaches, resorts, hotels, restaurants, and the entertainments of Hawaii have become the best honeymoon spots in Hawaii.


honeymoon in hawaii


Points of Interest Tourism for Honeymoon destination in Hawaii


Besides the beach, there is also another Honeymoon destination in Hawaii that could be an option to fill the holiday. They are Hanaumabay nature reserve. For lovers of snorkeling seems this place is the right choice. The bay is very, very beautiful and it feels like heaven. But it can be used for snorkeling natural reserve will also provide education about conservation programs. You may take a list to your agenda during your honeymoon destination in Hawaii.

honeymoon in hawaii


Another beauty of the beach that becomes favorite honeymoon destinations in Hawaii


Another one of honeymoon vacations in Hawaii is Waimea arboretum and botanical garden. In this area there is a crystal clear pool, which is usually sunny and very comfortable for swimming. Double the pleasure you can enjoy in this location. In addition to swimming, you can also see a collection of botany. Or you can choose to pay a visit to the Valley Audubon Center as your honeymoon destination in Hawaii. It is a beautiful place to visit and you will regret if you miss it.

You also can visit Panaewa rainforest zoo as your honeymoon destination in Hawaii. The rain forest animals and save endangered species such as spider, monkeys and geese. And certainly no less enjoyable is that you do not need to pay admission because everything is free, you can visit any day because it is open every day. For nature lovers this place is the perfect choice for a vacation during your honeymoon destination in Hawaii.

Honeymoon in Hawaii has others beauty beside the beach. Therefore, make secluded honeymoon destinations in Hawaii. It is because there are spots of Hawaii which needs to know and visit. There are also many other islands here that is not less interesting and beautiful. Oahu Island had the facts, here are the main points of interest, namely the tourist places in which there is such thing as calcite crystals sparkling Diamond Head Crater. Here there was also a castle precisely in the Honolulu area and his name Lolani Palace and becomes the only one royal palace in the U.S. This palace was built in 1882, led by King Kalakaua. This should be on your list during your honeymoon destination in Hawaii besides the beaches, resorts, hotels and restaurants.

Description: honeymoon destination in Hawaii is not always the beach, resort, restaurant and the culture but also another place that is never been well-visited by people. This could be an unforgettable honeymoon if you do unusual what people do.

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