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Honeymoon in Maui from the Beaches to the Mountain

Feb 4, 2014

Maui is the county that is located in Hawaii, being the second largest island in Hawaii State. Located on the Pacific Ocean and have unique topography, Hawaii especially Maui have unique climate, too. Although it mostly has a bright weather but rainfall is also common remembering the amount of the wet weather that approaches Hawaii often. Occupied by the United States, Maui has been famous as a honeymoon destination in the US. The honeymoon destination in Maui had been popular since Maui has some towns that are Census Designated Place, which means it has been developed well. The landscape and the beaches also the reason why many people choose a honeymoon destination in Maui.

The volcano eruption that formed the islands had also made the plants and the trees unique as well as the local flowers. One of the famous appearances in honeymoon destination in Maui is the whale watching in the season of wintering of the Humpback Whales which is located in the shelter of ‘Au’au channel between the Maui’s islands. Hiking to the highest peak of Halakealã to see the sun rose above the cloud. Other honeymoon destination in Maui such as 5 star hotels, unique and fresh seafood culinary, Wai’anapanapa’s famous black sand and beach activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling and Kite surfing.

honeymoon in Maui
Maui Honeymoon


Beach Activities as Your Honeymoon Destination in Maui

Beach activities might be the best way to spend your honeymoon destination in Maui. Maui offers windsurfing and kite surfing for you who like a little bit of adrenaline rush in your beach games. Or go snorkeling to see some of the world’s best coral reefs and coral fishes for you to explore. For the active couple that likes to have activities together, these honeymoon destinations in Maui might be the best attraction to do.

honeymoon in Maui-1
Maui Beach

The designated county of Maui sure had planned for the comfortable resorts, to give the natural feel yet luxurious treat for the tourists. Honeymoon destination in Maui also includes whale watching as they go for their winter shelter in the channel below Maui. This display cannot be seen in other honeymoon destination in Hawaii, in this seasonal attraction you should come to Maui in a round of April. Strolling down the beach waiting for the sunset is obviously a romantic activity after having a long day visiting honeymoon destination in Maui.

honeymoon in Maui
Maui Sunset


Sunrise after Sunset in Honeymoon Destination in Hawaii

Hawaii, especially Maui will pamper you with most of their recreation spots and beach views. On the main island of Maui, mount Halakealã can also be visited as one of your honeymoon destination in Maui. Spare some time before the sunrise to get there, and then you’ll witness the majestic sunrise above the clouds and when it gets clearer you can get the great view of Wide Ocean all around you from a distance. Honeymoon destination in Maui offers full action activities with a touch of luxury.

Description: Honeymoon destination in Maui includes beach activities and as a designated county for holidays, Maui offers luxurious resorts with natural touch for you to stay in.

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