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The Awesome Honeymoon Destination in Mauritius

Feb 12, 2014

Honeymoon in Mauritius absorbs many couples to go there. Mauritius is one of the admirable countries. It is located in the Indian Ocean, Mascarene archipelago. Mauritius is one of the luxurious places which have been visited by many people in the world. It offers so many tourism places in there. It is a well known with the cultural diversity and beaches. The blending cultural is from other countries like Africa, Europe, and Asia, which offers the accommodation, beaches, water sports, shopping center, and entertainment. It is the appropriate place for a honeymoon destination in Mauritius because it has the beautiful scenery, romantic places, temples, and others in order to it becomes honeymoon activities in Mauritius.

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The Places to Visit in Mauritius for Honeymoon

There is a lot of places, tourism that can be visited for going to the island. The honeymoon destination in Mauritius serves many tourism places. The places give so many luxurious and nice views for the people. The appropriate places in honeymoon destination in Mauritius will be good places for all people. First, pamplemousses garden is a beautiful garden in Mauritius which is still maintained and kept to give the nice view; it also has become the place for various floral. Second, grand basin is a high lake in a mountain. It is also a holy place for Lord Shiva.

Third, Port Louis is an arch anchorage of capital city in Mauritius, and it is very precious place. Fourth, the honeymoon destination in Mauritius is chamarel waterfall is a waterfall which is in Mauritius. It is the highest one. The waterfall is an appropriate place to take a picture for the people; it also has the colorful sand dunes with different colors such as purples, reds and browns. Fifth, black river of George is a national park, which takes care and protects the flora and fauna. You can look the true forest in there. If you are fortunate, you can look, the pink pigeon over there. The people who like outdoors should bring the needle when they will do hiking in the forest. It is appropriate for a honeymoon destination in Mauritius. You can find them if you choose honeymoon packages in Mauritius

In addition, sixth of the honeymoon destination in Mauritius still has the beautiful places which can be visited by the tourist is Mauritius beaches where it is the best beach in Mauritius. Many people visit the beach because it has sand with silvery scintillating and blue water. The beach is used for sporting, swimming, sailing, and surfing even for a honeymoon. Seventh, skydive Mauritius is one of the places to try jumping from the plane. You can see the green view, blue water and spectacular view from the up air. Eighth of the honeymoon destination in Mauritius is crocodile park. The park has so many animals such as giant turtles, bats, insect and monkey, but the main animal is crocodile. You can also taste the curry crocodile in a restaurant there. 

Honeymoon destination in Mauritius


Tips for Booking Honeymoon Destination in Mauritian

People should book first if they want to choose a honeymoon destination in Mauritian. They should plan six months before they visit the Mauritian, look for the honeymoon packages in Mauritian, look for the information of honeymoon destination in Mauritian. And consult with the staff there to get the accurate information. You can have better results if you do, the tips above. 

Description: Honeymoon destination in Mauritian is a good choice for the couple who will do honeymoon. There are a lot of beautiful and amazing places which can be visited when do the traveling there.


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