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El Nido, an Asian Honeymoon Destination in Philippines

Mar 27, 2014

honeymoon in El Nido Honeymoon destination in Asia, represented by El Nido Resorts as Honeymoon destination in Asia delivers complex for you to have a comfortable living in the Philippines. This pleasure is operated by one of the richest Company, Ten Knots Development Corporation (TKDC). The company is owned by the Asian Conservation Company (ACC). For your information, TKDC is the biggest company with the biggest private sector employer of El Nido. This company cooperates with the Philippine government for management and environmental conservation. Now, TKDC operates in El Nido, known as the the Lagen Island and Miniloc Island. Both are the most common place that you must visit while you are Philippines. It is actually a government program to increase their tourism side. Making all people in the world, that Philippines is more than just islands, but more we can see lots of educational resort for better living with magnificent of a natural view as well.

Awards for El Nido, Honeymoon Destination in Asia

honeymoon in El Nido Honeymoon destination in Asia, El Nido Resorts regarded as the best conservation to protect local environment. El Nido Resorts, the protection of Palawan regarded as the giant clam gardens. It is also the place to re-introduce endangered Philippine cockatoos. El Nido Resorts won award for Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism category for excellent sewage treatment preventing waste water from contaminating, and skills training of its own foundation, and tree-planting to protect the watersheds of the municipality. Do you need another reason why El Nido is regarded as Honeymoon Destination in Asia.

Things You Don’t Want to Miss in El Nido, Honeymoon Destination in Asia

After knowing about El Nido Resorts, you shouldn’t miss any activity offer while having plenty time for your honeymoon. There are so many tours that will be offered to you, such as cave tours, lagoon tours, mangrove river tours, bird watching, bottom fishing, hat making, and picnic lunches. Those tours relate to the cultural thing that is done by local people. Honeymoon destination in El Nido is not only unique but it is more interesting since you can have your own practice, lead by the professionals in this place. Then for iconic on beaches, you can have sunset cruising, windsurfing, kayaking, hobiecat sailing, diving and snorkeling, and dive courses. Many people come and over again to see this place, not only seeing the place, but they also reluctant for not seeing local people in their business, that is why El Nido regarded as a very nice place for Honeymoon Destination in Asia that you don’t want to miss.

Description: Honeymoon Destination in Asia, El Nido, Philippines, remains to be the island destination for tourists. It is the time when you can have great moment seeing Philippines.


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