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Honeymoon Destination in Asia-Ko Rong

Mar 25, 2014

honeymoon in Koh Kong Honeymoon Destination in Asia, Ko Rong, Cambodia may be seen as the common place to visit with the view of beaches, sea, islands, and also resorts that offer any pleasing service. For some people, they may not choose to visit this country, for its common things and also a security issue that does not support the tourism. Actually, the condition in Ko Rong has changed a lot. There is nothing to worry about, since the government has created the protective rules for the people, both for local people and also tourists.

Beach and Mountain in Ko Rong, Honeymoon Destination in Asia

Honeymoon Destination in Asia, with a combination of cultural things and also the beautiful view of Cambodia will give unforgettable moment. It is actually small, but the amazing entertainment of natural view will amaze you a lot. Koh Rong is actually the biggest islands of Sihanukville/Cambodia. It is located in the Gulf of Thailand. The region encompasses for 78 square Km. Hilly terrain will challenge you more. A mountain in honeymoon destination in Asia, Ko Rong which is located in the North West island will amaze you both for adventuresome and also plenty of great ambience of natural view. Forest with seasonal waterfalls offered in 43 kilometers of beaches, what do you think? Does it deserve to be Honeymoon Destination in Asia?

Natural Sight of Ko Rong, One of the Honeymoon Destination in Asia

honeymoon in Koh Kong That’s what, about the natural view that serve naturally, then you can see lots of plantain for commercial purpose. Actually, it both can be the conflict as well as beneficial effects for tourism and local people living. But, it won’t influence much for Ko Rong that regarded as Honeymoon Destination in Asia. In other side you can have snorkeling trips in Sihanoukville offer. Throughout the island, you can have a private training trip. Special occasion and special price can be asked if you want. It is true that the Ko Rong Island is not only good for your adventure, but the romantic view at night on the coast will make you get addicted to. The Island Divers and EcoSea Dive will offer diving excursions completed with overnight trips. The trips included living in some bungalows in northern Iceland. "Lazy Beach and "M'Pay Bay" bungalows are the examples how this country to spoil you. For couples, there are some special offers that will be given to you both. The location, Honeymoon destination in Asia, Ko Rong spread from west side, northern to the southern part of the island, of course completion trip is much recommended.

Description: Honeymoon Destination in Asia, Ko Rong, Cambodia, the islands of pleasure that you can experience. You will enjoy such a great view of beaches and feel the culture of Cambodian people.


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