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Akureyri and Skaftafell as the Many Best Places to Travel Alone For Man

Apr 9, 2014

Best places to travel alone for man is considered hard to find, especially in the western. Even though the western area is not as safe as the eastern region, it turns out that one of the countries in Europe has become the safest place to travel. The country is Iceland. The Global Peace Index has announced that Iceland has become the safest country to visit in 2013. The rating is coming from many factors such as the number of criminal actions, accidents, and some other things. For your information, the Iceland was on the top of the position for the last five years. Iceland has got the position since 2007.

Reasons of choosing Iceland as the best places to travel alone for men

There are some reasons why Iceland becomes one of the best places to travel alone for man. The first reason why many people choosing this place is the weather. Even though the area is a little bit to the north, which means the weather is cold, the sun always shines brightly here. Besides that, the island type of this country gives many beautiful types of scenery for those who like nature. Other than those two, the last thing attraction of the Iceland is the various terrains of the country. The up and down terrain will give you more choices to go either to the top of the mountain on down to the beach. Iceland will surely have some best places to travel alone for man.

Best places to travel alone for man in Iceland

If you have decided to go to spend your solo travelling on the Iceland, then you have to know where to go to Iceland. You will find many natural spots for travelling in the cities here. One example is Akureyri. The city is located in the northern region of the Iceland, where you can go skiing there, even though Iceland is not famous with its skiing spot. If you are looking for something else, you can go to the Skaftafell city in the SE of Iceland. You will find some best places to travel alone for man if you like the ice climbing. Here you will find some frozen waterfalls and glaciers. If you think that those activities are too challenging, then you can go to the Reykjavik and Husavik to see the whale. You can see the whale anytime in Reykjavik, while the Husavik only offers this attraction in summer. However, the most common time for the whale seeing in Iceland is on summer. Therefore, if you are looking for the best time, then the answer is the summer.


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