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Venice and Paris as the Best Places to Travel in Europe

Apr 10, 2014

venice as best place to travel
Best places to travel in Europe are sometimes getting hard to find for some people. That happens because they do not know where to go and what to do there. If you are looking for the place to travel, maybe you can go to Italy and France. The countries are bordered each other so that you will not much time to go here and there. If you are going to Italy then you really have to go to Venice. After that, you can continue your travelling to the NW of Venice and go to the Paris. These two cities are one great combination for the perfect travelling.

Best places to travel in Europe that Venice has

You can find some best places to travel in Europe in Venice, especially if you are looking for something unique while travelling. Venice is very famous for its canals and bridges. You will find more than 100 canals and 400 bridges around the city. That is one reason why the going around the city using the boat on the canals is one main attraction on the day in Venice. If you are getting bored, you can go to many religious spots here such as the St. Mark’s Basilica in the east side of the St. Mark Square. After a tiring day, you can go to Piazza San Marco to have dinner at the end of the travelling in best places to travel in Europe.

Best places to travel in Europe that Paris has

paris as best place to travel Italy and France are bordered each other so that it will not take long to go to France from Italy. If you have gone to Venice in Italy, then you can cross the border and go to Paris in France. Paris has become one of the biggest models of the worldwide fashion. Besides that, Paris is also famous as the city of love. There are some spots in Paris that you should visit if you want to get the real excitement of Paris. The first one is the Eifel Tower that becomes one of the best places to travel in Europe. From the top, you will be able to see the beauty of Paris, especially at night. Musee du Louvre is another great place that you have to visit. The museum is very famous because of the vast area and the amazing number of arts that you can find here. If you are not satisfied with the religious spots in Venice, you can also find some religious spots in Paris such as the Sainte Chappell as the 13th century church and the Notre Dame Cathedral.


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