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Best Places to Travel Alone For Man That Copenhagen Has

Apr 20, 2014

Best places to travel alone for man is pretty hard to find because you have to consider many factors before you travel. Two main factors that you really have to consider are the safety and the facility. Since you are travelling alone, you have to make sure that you are safe from any harm. The same things apply to the facility. The minimum number of facilities will result in more chances of crimes. If you are considering those factors when do the solo travel, then you might want to consider Copenhagen. As the capital city of Denmark, Copenhagen offers you many things that you might not get from other city in Europe.


Reasons of Choosing Copenhagen as Best Places to Travel Alone for Man

Best places to travel alone for man, especially in Denmark are focused on Copenhagen. There are some reasons why the place is worth to visit, especially for the solo traveler. The first is the safety. For your information, Denmark is in the third position of the country in the world that has the lowest crimes. In Denmark, Copenhagen is the lowest in crime city. That is why travelling here is safe. The second is the facilities. Even though the facilities here are considered as the traditional one, you will not find it hard to find many facilities to help you go around Copenhagen. Those are two main reasons why you have to visit Copenhagen as the best places to travel alone for man.

Best Places to Travel Alone for Man in Copenhagen

If you are travelling to Copenhagen, maybe one week is not enough. There are so many places that you can go in Copenhagen. Roskilde Cathedral and Kronborg Castle are two buildings that you have to visit here. These two buildings are some of the UNESCO’s heritage that you can find in Denmark. Besides those buildings, you also have to do some other things in Copenhagen such as going to the modern opera house and watching the Goddess Gefjun Fountain. The fountain is the best fountain that Copenhagen has. Some other best places to travel alone for man that Copenhagen has been the Graffiti Wall on Brygge and the canals. The art of wall graffiti is best here. Similar to Venice in Italy, you can also get the canal tours in Copenhagen. By using the canals, you will be able to see many interesting spots in Copenhagen. As the last attraction, you might be able to see the best sand sculpture in Copenhagen International Sand Sculpture that is held every year around August to September.


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