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Zurich, Worth Visiting Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Apr 21, 2014

Zurich is best places for honeymoon The city of Zurich in Switzerland is definitely one worth visiting honeymoon destination in Europe among other options. Zurich is known to be the largest city in the country of Switzerland. It is the capital city of Canton of Zurich which is located in the northern central part of Switzerland. The famous lake Zurich is located in the southeastern part of this particular city. The approximate number of people who live in the city's municipality is 400,028 with up to 1.83 million of people in the metropolitan area. As the center hub of the roads, railways, and also air transportation traffic, it is common that people consider the city as one of the European honeymoon destinations to travel. The airport and the railway station are both the largest and also the busiest in the country.

Historical Feature of this Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Zurich is best places for honeymoon With the long history of settlement this one city of the honeymoon destination in Europe offers many historical features. It can be seen through the many museums along with galleries which are available at the city itself. The famous Swiss National Museum and also the Kunsthaus are both attractive places to visit with people. As a matter of fact in terms of art, the city of Zurich also held the top most important German-speaking theatres as well. It is surely one addition to the list of interesting attractions presented by Zurich as one of the honeymoon spots in Europe. There is also a World Heritage Sites area in the honeymoon destination in Europe of Zurich which is the Engels Alpenquai and also the Grosse Stadt Kleiner Hafner prehistoric settlements.

Honeymoon Destination in Europe Economic City

Despite the fact that Zurich is a good choice of honeymoon destination, it is also a financial center as well. There are many international companies have their home in the Greater Zurich Area. The service industry is so far the largest sector in the economy of this economic city. There are up to four-fifths of the total workers are working in that sector. This honeymoon destination in Europe has machine industry, light industry, textile industry, and of course tourism industry which is another large sector contributing huge effects on the economic development. The Swiss Stock Exchange which is currently ranked fourth as the most prominent world's stock exchange is also located in Zurich as well. Many Swiss Banks have their headquarters in Zurich along with several famous foreign banks as well. The fact that Zurich is an industrial and economic city does not prevent it from being attractive as the best honeymoon spots.

Description: Honeymoon destination in Europe has one choice which is also a huge industry and economic city in Switzerland named Zurich. It has also several interesting historical spots.


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