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Passau and Vienna as the Best Places to Travel Alone For Man

Apr 5, 2014

Best places to travel alone for man in Europe is not as easy as you thought. Even though travelling is something that is very interesting, you will not feel the joyful of travelling if you are not feeling safe while travelling. The main aspect that you have to consider before travelling is the safety. If you are looking for some beautiful and safety places in Europe for travelling, maybe you can consider Austria. This country has become one of the safest countries for travelling, especially for that who goes traveling alone. As an addition, this is based on the international survey done by the Global Peace Index.

Why choose Austria as the best places to travel alone for man

Best places to travel alone for man can be found easily in Austria. The best thing about this place is that Austria has become one of those five safest countries to travel, not only in Europe but also in the world. For the last three years, Austria’s position has been rising from number ten into number four. This is one great achievement for a country in only three years. Besides the safety, Austria is also well known for its scenery. That is why you will find many tourism spots, which have a lot of beautiful scenery. Therefore, if you are looking for the best places to travel alone for man, especially those who like the outdoor activity, then this place is the best.

Weihnachtsmarkt Schönbrunn in Wien

Some best places to travel alone for men in Austria

You know that Austria is one of the safest tourism spots that you can visit. However, the information will be useless if you do not know where to go in Austria. Some great spots that you should not miss are the cycling path from Passau to Vienna and the tracking of the Alps Mountains. Those two are the best place where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in Austria. For your information, the cycling path here is one of the Best places to travel alone for man since there are a lot of people coming here just to do the cycling from Passau to Vienna. If you prefer to walk instead of cycling, then you can go to the Austrian Alps. Many people are hiking to the top of the mountains, even though they never go there. The signs from the local government become the best guidance about the hiking route in here. Therefore, you should not afraid to get lost here since you will find many signs.


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