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The best places to travel in the U.S.: San Francisco

Oct 22, 2013

Travel to San Francisco as is the greatest city in California that is so famous caused by the good city arrangement in that city. The city looks so awesome with the managed arrangement. The government is so bright in giving and separating the public facility and housing for the people. I think San Francisco is a place of culture that is seen from its great architectures in the city. The people there try to keep the buildings around to save the cultures that are so valuable in their society. The cultural diversity is not blocking their society to develop their selves. From their mindset in keeping the culture finally their city is so strong with the cultural diversity and the most favorite place to visit.

Travel to San Francisco with its Buildings


best places to travel in the us

Victorian architecture is so meaningful and seen in travel to San Francisco. The architecture is so unique and so great that looks from the artistic. Artistic building not only built in this century but the building of the previous centuries is in good care so the people can know far from learning the old architecture building. Talking about San Francisco automatically people think about golden gate bridge from Marin county. It is the great and wonderful bridges on travel to San Francisco from the modern world and the people consider it as seven wonders.

best places to travel in the U

Related to the golden gate bridge, there is Presidio that has great architecture in San Francisco. There is a remarkable palace of fine arts that is built for the 1915 Panama – Pacific Exposure and remmiscort of Roman and Greek architecture. There are greater architectures in travel to San Francisco that must be a good lesson of history. The historical building is not only rich of culture but not also reminding us about how great the people in previous times in making great memories and bringing the people memorable building to enrich the city with the interest from the history and art side.

Description: Travel to San Francisco as is the greatest city in California that is so famous caused by the good city arrangement in that city. There is a huge bridge that is known as one of the 7 wonders in the world.


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