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Best Places Vacation in Indonesia

Nov 15, 2013

Indonesia has many best places vacation. Indonesia is tropical and consists of many islands. There are many different cultures, races, languages, etc. There are many natural vacation destinations such as beaches, mountains, forests, etc. They do not attract only local tourist but also foreign tourists. There are many great vacation places in Indonesia that we can explore. Besides that, Indonesia has a unique geographical area which makes it rich in natural resources

places vacation in indonesia

The Natural Sceneries of Best Places Vacation in Indonesia

Bromo, Tengger, Semeru Mountain is located in the Eastern Java and it is one of the best places vacation in Indonesia. It becomes a favorite place for nature lovers. This provides you with the beauty of nature which is splendid and exotic.

Here is bromo mountain:

bromo best vacation
Bromo mountain located in Java

Here is semeru mountain :

semeru best vacation
Semeru mountain located in Java

Tengger mountain with amazing look.

tengger mountain vacation
Tengger mountain located in Java
There is a waterfall called Coban Pelangi and you can see the rainbow which always appears in days. There is also Bromo Mountain Sea of sand, Penanjakan sunrise, etc. However, the most beautiful scenery that you can get is at the Semeru Mountain. It offers beautiful and amazing scenery, Ranukumbolo Lake, Savannah dessert of oro-oro rombo, etc. Bromo Tengger Semeru is one of the beautiful places in Indonesia.

Bunaken National Park:

Bunaken National Park
Bunaken National Park is located in North Sumatera, Manado. It became the most beautiful under the sea park in the world. There are many kinds of sea fishes and plants. In Bunaken, there is also a special trip of snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful underwater the sea, sailing, etc. Toba Lake is a volcanic lake with 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers of the width. In the center of this lake, there is an island called Samosir.

Toba lake scenery:
Toba lake located in Sumatra

Toba Lake has become a very important popular destination for many tourists because of its wonderful place and scenery. Rinjani Mountain is located in Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat. It has a very beautiful and amazing view and claimed as the most beautiful mountain in Indonesia. This mountain becomes the most favorite place for many hikers.

Rinjani mountain:

Rinajani mountain located in Lombok Island
This mountain has many kinds of flora and fauna. Monkeys are commonly found in the morning. Besides that, in a special moment, there is a cultural ceremony celebrated in this Rinjani Mountain. The Way Kambas National Park is located in Lampung. There are many animals which are protected by the government such as Sumatera tiger, Sumatera rhinos, wild Asian dogs, Sumatera elephants, etc. This place is very big and people also call it as a little Africa in Indonesia. Those are very beautiful and rare animals found in this amazing vacation place in Lampung.
Borobudur best travel
Borobudur located in Java
So, there are many exotic places in Indonesia. Many tourists from all over the world come to see the beauty of Indonesia archipelago. Indonesia is very famous with the natural beauty of the scenery and one of the best places vacation in the world. If you plan to have your vacation seeing and feeling the nature of the world, you can visit any of those places in Indonesia. You would not regret visiting the little heaven in Indonesia.

Description: Best places to vacation in the world can be found in Indonesia. It provides you with the natural scenery that you can enjoy. You would not forget the memory of visiting Indonesia and the unique tradition in every of the places.


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