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Best Places Vacation to Surf in Bali

Nov 16, 2013

Find out the best places vacation to surf in Bali. If you like to surf and enjoy the beautiful scenery, the beaches in Bali have that double pleasure that you want. Bali is one of the interesting places to surf while on vacation. Bali is one of the interesting places to surf while on vacation. There are several best places for vacation especially for surfing in Bali recommended to surfers.

Rippingly Blue Waves in Bali 

The Beautiful and Perfect Beaches of the Best Places Location for Surfing in Bali

Bali is often called or referred as a heaven for surfers or best places vacation for surfing because there are more than 50 beaches for beginners or professional surfers. Some of the famous beaches are Kuta reef, Uluwatu beach, Dreamland beach, etc. If you do not know how to surf and want to learn, most of the famous beaches in Bali offer you with a quick training on how to surf. Bali has been a favorite destination for many tourists. Although there was bomb terror in Bali, it did not affect many tourists to still come to this beautiful place for vacation. Bali Island is able to provide relaxation and comfort to the tourists and there are many facilities provided In order to serve the visitors with high standard. Bali is one of the best places vacation in the world.


Kuta beach is located in the Kuta beach area and has become popular with the surfers who visit Bali. As the most famous beach in Bali, this area is very familiar to the local tourists or foreign tourists. There are also many pubs, restaurants, hotels, stores, etc. Kuta never sleeps and always full of people. The lights during the night are also beautiful. The characteristic of large and powerful waves makes this beach is very popular. Many surfers say that the wave in Kuta Beach is perfect and ideal. The surfers can also choose 2 options of the waves here are from right to left (right-handed) or from left to right (left-handed). This beach is suitable for surfers from advance to professional level. So, Kuta beach is one of the best places vacated for surfing.

Uluwatu is one of the famous beaches in Bali and beautiful place to spend a holiday. The high waves make the beach compatible for the surfers. Besides that, what makes this beach unique is the beach is surrounded by beautiful cliffs. Besides that, dreamland beach is the most beautiful beach in Bali. It has white sand with smooth texture. The wave in Dreamland beach is quite high about 4 meters and is only suitable for professional surfers.

Description: There are many beaches in Bali which are the best places vacation for surfing. There are many domestic or foreign tourists come to enjoy the beauty of Bali.


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