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How Time Travel Actually Works

Nov 7, 2013

Time travel is the term about a concept move the different point, whereas how time travel there are some theory that still be studied. There are some multiple theories about what is time travel. The time becomes slow down due to our speed. The satellite in the space is traveling faster than everything in the earth. Therefore their clock becomes little bit slowly down. But with the speed of the light you will travel without them. If you travel with the speed of light, the time will stop by. Then you will travel in time, because if you become slow down, time around yourself will go in regular speed, while still in your time.

time travel


How the Time Travel Will Work

How time travel, the other inverse theory of Einstein is extra dimension. When you make wormhole, you will travel past bends in space time, then traveling quicker than light. If you are arriving exactly before light, it means you can travel back in time. Some theory points out about the definition of time travel that several physicists manage to send a message back in time through the help of the photons. We are just talking about the microseconds. How time travel, time travel actually works, there are so many great writings for a condition that is necessary for the time travel on paradox what happened if someone is going back in time, then kills the grandfather time travel use black hole and also Einstein-Rosen bridge.
time travel

Current experiment that makes a new discovery on quantum physics and in the cosmology will light much light about how the mind will interact with the universe. Also phenomenon time travel and then explanation about what time travel. The recent discovery is compelling the acceptance an idea which explains that there are more than only universe so that we automatically interact with a lot of the hidden universe. This is so pitiful, the most of quantum cosmology book is written in difficult language that is apparently just understood by the certain intelligent people, This condition makes the ordinary people cannot understand about what is written in the quantum cosmology books to learn more about how time travel. Moreover, there are so many scientists denying about any state that is seems supernatural things. The scientists apparently do not believe about supernatural things, and also cannot look the obvious conclusion which is logical of their discoveries. What is actually being needed is understandable of source which can explain the relevant concept from quantum physic and also cosmology. 

Description: How time travel is the things that until now which is still studied by some scientist. Some theories actually have explained about these things, but the theory is not understandable.


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