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The Best Cities Travel- Remote Place Icon

Nov 17, 2013

If you a backpacker, there is always a place to visit, for example a remote visit as the best city travel in Irian Jaya Island. It is also known with one of the best city travel in Indonesia. On this island, there are lots of places which have not been visited before since there is not much transportation enables us to visit those remote places. However, this hard access makes Irian Jaya still become a nice place for cities travel. Friendly local people are another unique experience of your traveling, their culture and original community as their identity is special.

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Raja Ampat, a District in the Best Cities Travel Irian Jaya

Raja Ampat remarked as one of the destinations in best city travel in Irian Jaya Island. It is a little part in regency of Waisai, Irian Jaya Island. You may find it hard to get to Waisai, since there are only two kinds of transportation to get you there. You can use air transportation and sea transportation. Actually you only need about two hours to arrive at this travel spot in the best cities, but it depends on weather in order to ensure the safety of passengers. At first, you should get the small plan to arrive to Sorong, and then you can continue your travel to Waisai by sea transportation. Don’t be hesitating to enjoy your travel to the best cities in Irian Jaya Island. For your information, there are about 610 islands in Irian Jaya, so it is only a small part of beauty Island in Indonesia. But, if you have arrived all tired you feel as long as travel you go through is worthy enough by the view and fresh air of Raja Ampat. This is more like private land, since there are only few people who are willing to through the hardest track to this spot. A little island surrounded by plenty of sea water in blue color. Such a nice best city travel for your pleasure.

Don’t worry about this remote place to visit, since there is a more fantastic service you can get in this island, such a nice pleasure to enjoy some private island completed by small huts in this place. This travel gets more exciting to enjoy because you can explore the sea as long as you want. This is a travel experience in the best cities in Irian Jaya. This best city travel is regarded as best experience ever. It is only can be reached by some wealthy people with lots willing to enjoy nature at sea.

Description: best cities travel you can also enjoy in Irian Jaya Island. One of the most beautifully Islands in Indonesia. Remotest place and tough access to get through is not a problem for a worthy experience like in a private island, though.


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