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How Time Travel Is Possible To Work

Nov 20, 2013

All about how time travel ahead to the future always been a fascinating thing for most of the people and with the theory made by Albert Einstein, he believed that time travel was possible. The physicist has sent little particles called muons, the muons have similar characteristic with electrons, into future by influencing gravity that surround them. This fact actually has proved in which the time travel is really possible. But, it does not mean knowledge is needed to transport a human 350 years in the future would come along soon.

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Possibility of How Time Travel

Learn about how time travel, go of the past is one of the time travel theory that has actually not known yet until now. An astrophysicist working at EarthTech International Institute for Latest studied on Austin; believe that possibility about time traveling to the past is really exist. What people need is a wormhole. A wormhole is hypothetical passageway that the space-time will be predicted by relativity theory. The scientist also explains that human can explore the future and the past use wormhole, though they have not been proven in reality. However, the scientist still do some research about the time machine, they think if a time machine could be created, so the possibility of wormholes would become one of way to travel back time is really possible. The mystery of how time can travel is little bit cracked theoretically. The theory of general relativity and quantum theory apparently bring some opportunities to travel along that physicists call a closed curve or a path that cut through time and space, this is an essence of time machine that can explain more about how time travel.
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Talk about how time travel theory, nowadays, some scientist’ understanding of physics laws looks will be full of the theory about the time machine, there is a lot of space-time the geometry answers that show time travel. Wormhole may let the spaceship of some travel from a location to the other quicker than light speed. It means that vessel will get to the destination faster than the light, with its take faster way through the space-time through wormhole. It explains how time travel is not only about using light speed. A time machine that will exist will really be inescapable in the physical dimension of the area. The wormhole will suggest that time machine and wormhole forecast produce addition research effort on a time machine idea. An effort to turn wormhole into time machine would not be easy. It would be rough to find a wormhole in former place and then place it in the right place.

Description: How time travel, based on the research studied by some expert scientist, the time travel theoretically has a possibility to exist. Some theory explains that how time travel will need a time machine to be true.


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