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Women Traveling Alone from Men’s Perspective

Dec 19, 2013

Women traveling alone can be considered from many perspectives, from how this matter is spotted, because women who travel alone can attract many opinions from many levels of people or society, include from the man's perspective. Since there are types of men who also see this matter from different views, from how this matter may deliver or build a different opinion even this is seen from one point of view, which is man's point of view.

women traveling alone

Various Men’s Perspective of Women Traveling Alone

Women traveling alone may build different thoughts in man’s mind because men itself are divided into types which are affecting the opinions. For instance, for many who are very conservative and protective, the opinions toward this issue is rather negative, since their mind set is deliberately influencing that women who travel alone is naughty or probably too brave to go unaccompanied. The mindset that women must be accompanied with at least a man to protect them is not valid and it will promote the impression that women traveling alone is not good for their safety or they might believe that they are just neglecting by their family, or by husband in case if already married. This thought of such of conservative mind set toward women traveling alone is hired from generation to generation, of how a woman should not to be alone, kind of cultural and religious factors.

Then, from the free and open minded men, women traveling alone are valid and the positive feelings are more potent than the conservative and protective cases. Those types of men are quite permissive for this issue since they do not cause the negative mindset; they just believe that it is the right for women that they deserve to have their own time by having some private travel or trip. Their feelings of women traveling alone are not discriminating and thoughtful.

Description: Women traveling alone from the men’s perspective are various, from the types of men which influence the opinions itself toward this issue.


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