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Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala-Asia’s Paradise

Jan 23, 2014

Kerala is the great place, many available honeymoon destinations in Kerala which will give the real pleasure for the newlyweds for having fun and enjoying the romantic nuance of its green blue water. Kerala is worth to be cited as the Czar of the world for its beauty and the walk in Paradise which is located in India. Honeymoon destinations in Kerala for the real romancers will be recommended to visit this place.

honeymoon in kerala-alappuza


Recommended Spots of Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala-Alappuza

There are several spots which you can visit on honeymoon destinations in Kerala, one of them is Alappuza which is the green natural beauty of a marine life is located. You may find the beauty of Arabian Sea on the west; the stunning lakes and lagoons which honeymoon destinations in Kerala will be similar like you are in Venice. Best honeymoon destinations in Kerala for enjoying the great marine life of India.

honeymoon in asia-kerala
You may go to many Kerala, visiting places which are available in Alappuza, such as alopecia beach which is 173 years old for its beauty which extend to the sea. Honeymoon destinations in Kerala are also available in Sea View Park, where you can see the panoramic and wonderful sea view which is offered from this place. Honeymoon destinations in Kerala are included Alappuza as one of the great spots for the real marine life which is offered. But in fact, in this place you will also find the holy temple named Mannarasala Sree Nagaraja which is the holy place, for the Brahman caste and it is run by the Brahman priests. You may get the spiritual feeling in this place.

Visiting places of Honeymoon Destinations in Kerala-Munnar


Munnar is another panoramic place where you can say this as the one of the best hill stations in India. Honeymoon destinations in Kerala add this popular hill in its list because you may get the fresh and natural relaxation while you are in this place. Munnar is one of honeymoon destinations in Kerala which has many tourist spots which are good for honeymoon, like visiting the tea gardens of Munnar or Devikulam Lake which is good for relaxation.
honeymoon in india-munnar
Other places for honeymoon destinations in Kerala, Munnar exactly are Mattupeety Lake which is the man-made lake with a small hydroelectric dam. But the real spot for honeymoon destinations in Kerala which will amaze the newlyweds is by seeing the panoramic view of the Munnar, Top Station, the newlyweds will see the entire green and fresh look of the valley and do some old fashioned things like bicycling or walking around the hill. Those are visiting places in Kerala which will spoil the newlyweds.

Description: Honeymoon destinations in Kerala with many places to go like Alappuza district and Munnar for having real marine and green life in India.


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