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Honeymoon Destinations in Phuket as the Beach Town of Thailand

Jan 24, 2014

Honeymoon destinations in Phuket are so many which are mostly the beauty of sand, sea, sky beach and many great diving sites. The newlyweds can get so many fun activities when they visit and choose Phuket as their vacation sites for having romantic view. Honeymoon destinations in Phuket will be totally wonderful for those who want to enjoy and feel the best beach town of Thailand.

honeymoon in Puket
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The Beauty of Honeymoon Destinations in Phuket


You may get many recommendations when you decide to enjoy honeymoon destinations in Phuket, of course, that most of them are the white sandy beaches which are totally beautiful. The aquamarine water of Andaman Sea, this town which has many honeymoon destinations in Phuket is located in the south of Thailand. Phuket has 40 km, sandy coastline which will be the great potentials for the marine and beach beauty. Many pristine beaches like Hai Nai Yong and Hai Nai Thon for having the jet skis or hoods of beach goers. Ao Bang Thao is also available for you who want to enjoy the challenging beach and seek for the nightlife clubs. Well, many top honeymoon destinations in Phuket are totally wonderful.

honeymoon in Puket
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Honeymoon Resorts in Phuket Thailand


Staying in Phuket requires you to stay at the best resorts, which are your shelters while you enjoy honeymoon destinations in Phuket. The first recommendation is Naka Island resort which is surrounded by white beaches, the lush coconut groves which saw the emerald green Andaman Sea. Honeymoon destinations in Phuket will be great if you stay in this resort which provides many types of 67 villas; those are tropical pool villas, sea view pool villa, beachfront pool villas and royal horizon pool villas. Those four types of villas are all stunning with the style of Tropical villas, the stunning boutique resort on Naka Yai Island.

The second resort for staying in Thailand when you enjoy honeymoon destinations in Phuket is Six Senses Yao Noi which is awarded to its best property in the world. The newlyweds will be amused with this small chain luxury boutique resort. Honeymoon destinations in Phuket will be great if you stay in this resort, the amenities, the large rooms of villas which each type has its own pretty view.

Honeymoon destinations in Phuket by staying in those two resorts will be the exact decision for enjoying Phuket until the drop. Honeymoon destinations in Phuket are great with its tons of pretty beaches, then the newlyweds must decide the honeymoon resorts in Phuket which are eligible for serving and providing all the needs of the newlyweds
Description: Honeymoon destinations in Phuket with five star resorts, for enjoying Phuket with its white sandy beaches and tropical villas.


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