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Get The Scotland Idea of Honeymoon Destination In Edinburgh

Feb 17, 2014

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It’s the second most populous city in Scotland and it is a city that is located right between the hills and the beach, giving Edinburgh a friendly cold breeze, but also a warm windy climate that is blowing from the southwest direction. As a “happening” city in Scotland, there are also many honeymoon destinations in Edinburgh that is worth a visit for your experience. The agenda of the festival in Edinburgh also made this city a destination for those who likes to attend different themes of the festival. That made the festival and also the landscape is the main attraction for a honeymoon destination in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh as one of the honeymoon destination in Western Europe has also many different choices of luxurious hotels. And the fact that it’s on the same land as other British cities make it easier to insert honeymoon destination in Edinburgh on your honeymoon plan. Some worth visited honeymoon destination in Edinburgh are The Old and New Town, Grassmarket, The Loch Ness, the famous Greyfriars Bobby monument and high-end shopping indulgence on the St. James Center.

honeymoon in Edinburgh


Honeymoon Destination in Edinburgh: Luxurious Getaway for Your Honeymoon

If you both are a festival junkie, make sure to browse the agenda of the festivals that will be held in Edinburgh as your honeymoon destination in Edinburgh. Edinburgh had been known for some great festival as Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and Edinburgh International Book Festival. Those festivals have unique agenda and even some of them have festival inside a festival. Giving you more eye opening new experience for your honeymoon destination in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is also known for the luxurious hotels and castle tours that will give you a glimpse of royal living from the past decades. The St. James Center down the Princes Street have international fashion brands such as Harvey Nichols, Louis Vuitton, Emporio Armani, Calvin Klein and Mulberry. That will give the bride excitements in shopping for luxurious brands as a personal wedding gift. This street of high end fashion shopping could also listed as your honeymoon destination in Scotland especially Edinburgh.

honeymoon in Edinburgh


Edinburgh Cultural Sites as Honeymoon Destination in Scotland


honeymoon in Edinburgh 2The Old Town and The New Town in Edinburgh are listed as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, with the the Old Town with its medieval streets and the New Town that offers Gregorian stye of architectures. Amaze yourself with the richness of the architecture which also displayed in Castles, Isles and the Gothic Churches. The ride to Loch Ness which famous for its beauty and also urban legend has also been a main attraction of honeymoon destination in Edinburgh. There are many tour agents that mostly provide London & Edinburgh honeymoon package or you can plan your honeymoon destination in Edinburgh by yourself.

Description: Honeymoon destination in Edinburgh has rich destinations and luxurious indulgence for you who want to look for a city that is full of historical sites and architectural displays.

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