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Brussels and Bruges are Best Places to Travel in Europe

Apr 28, 2014

brussels as best place to travel Best places to travel in Europe you can find in Belgium, this is one of the beautiful place in Europe. There are lots of interesting tourist spots you can visit, begin from beautiful architecture, romantic place, and also delicious foods. This place is heavily influenced by the powers of European during some periods, such as Roman, Celtic, Germany Spanish and French. Actually, there are lots of beautiful places you cnvisit in Belgium, but there are two cities as the most famous place that often visited by people, those are Brussels and Bruges.

Old Town of Brussels as Best Places to Travel in Europe

bruges best travel in Europe If you want to enjoy the old town in Belgium, Brussels is one of the best places to travel in Europe that has vintage impression. This is the capital city of Belgium and the quarters of lots of institutions in Europe. Brussels offers you beautiful view and best places to visit. The other famous sight in this city is Manneken Pis statue of Europe that located in the amazing city of Brussels. This is a statue of a kid, Juliaanske that becomes the icon of Brussels. Around of this place, you will also find street musicians blow their saxophone. Moreover, you can also visit Grand Place; this is one of the most beautiful town square in Europe, so that it must be listed as the dream place to visit. If you feel hungry when look around the Brussels, you can buy Belgium waffle, chocolate and ice cream. Those are some activities you can do in Brussels as one of the best places to travel in Europe, especially in Belgium.

Beautiful Bruges as Best Places to Travel in Europe

Bruges is one of the most beautiful cities in North Belgium. There are many tourist spots you can find in Bruges. This town is well known with its building, both modern and ancient. The ancient building is cared nicely and some of them is constructed with a new look that seemed really amazing. The main tourist spot in best places to travel in Europe, especially Belgium is Groeninge museum, moreover Bruges also has a very famous church, and this church is one of the most unusual churches in the world. This is city is really recommended for you to visit, since there are lots of canal views. You can enjoy romantic places in this city with your partner. In this place you will see the classic view of the modern city center.


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