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Washington DC and NYC as Best Places to Travel in the US

Apr 29, 2014

Best places to travel in the US can you find in various corners of this country, since this country offers you much happiness and enjoyment. The United States is the largest county and the most super power country that provides everything you are looking for. This is the best destination for you to honeymoon or just make a holiday. The US also has lots of beautiful cities and best tourist destination in the world. If you want to visit The US, there are two recommended cities for you, those are Washington DC and NYC. Those are the most famous city in The US you can enjoy for traveling.

Washington DC as one of the Best Places to Travel in the US

One of the best places to travel in the US is Washington DC, here is building a Washington DC National Mall. This is an open area that is used as a national park. It is located in downtown Washington, between independence and constitution from the Capitol to the Lincoln meeting Memoriam. This national park is the favorite place for tourist from any countries in the world. Besides enjoying the beautiful view of this national park, you can also learn about historical things about America. Here you will find lots of tulips that are planted in plots and grouped by color. This flower is a typical of Dutch, but in this garden grows various kinds of tulips, includes Greigii, Kaufmanniana and Fosteriana. Moreover, you can also visit. In this one of the best places to travel in the US, you can also visit Constitution Gardens, Old Post office and Memorial Momentum of George Mason.

NYC one of Best Places to Travel in The US

New York City or in short is well known as NYC and has a nickname of The Big Apple is the most populous city in The US. The city represents the image of developed countries and as the center of various fields, such as economic, education, fashion and entertainment. That is why NYC is called the capital city of the world. Moreover, there are lots of tourist spots you can enjoy in this place. One of the most famous places is Liberty statue. In this one of the best places to travel in the US, there is the most iconic of America that stands strong. It is a national monument that is located in Manhattan, NYC. The other famous landmark of The US is Empire state building; you can enjoy this skyscraper in 86 to 102 floors. You will see the beautiful NYC from above.


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