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Las Vegas and Orlando as the Best Places to Travel in US

Apr 15, 2014

Best places to travel in US are very much that you cannot say it one by one. If you are looking for the natural condition, you have to go a little bit to the border of the US to find Yellowstone, Yosemite, and some other park that you can go. However, you do not need to go far if you are looking for modern spots for travelling. There are so many spots that you can visit to enjoy the modernity, especially in the nation as big as the United States. You just need to go across the states border and you can get a new attraction from another state. Some states that might attract your attention are Orlando and Las Vegas.

Orlando as one of the best places to travel in the US

Only few people think that Orlando is one of the best places to travel in the US. If you are also thinking the same thing, then you are totally wrong. In this state, you will find one of the biggest playgrounds in the world, the Walt Disney World. This is the best place to pick for your family travel, especially if you have kids who love Disney’s cartoon characters. In the Walt Disney World, you will find dozens of attractions to play. Besides the Walt Disney World, you can also find the Discovery cave where you can show your kids many kinds of animals. The concept of the place is like the zoo and sea world. If you are tired, you can also find some great resorts in Orlando as Best places to travel in the US.

Las Vegas as one of the best places to travel in the US

As you have known, Orlando is the best place when you are travelling with your families. However, travelling to Las Vegas is not recommended if you are travelling with your families, especially those who have kids. We all know how people live in Vegas, and that life is something that we surely do not want for the kids. However, if you are travelling with your friends, you have to go to Vegas, since Vegas is one of the Best places to travel in US, especially for those who like gambling. Vegas is the city that never sleep that has more than ten casinos in a single block. It will be easier to find the casino here instead of finding the restaurant. For your information, all of the big casinos in Las Vegas are offering many services and attractions that might interest many people coming to the town. Therefore, even though you do not like gambling, Vegas is still a nice place to visit, especially at night.


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