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Portuguese Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Apr 16, 2014

Lagos as honeymoon destination in Europe There is one recommended honeymoon destination in Europe which is located in Portugal. The city named Lagos which was taken its name from the Latin of lacobriga meaning lakes. The city is located in the region of Barlavento of Algarve in the southern part of Portugal. It is exactly at the Bensafrim River's mouth and alongside the Atlantic Ocean as well. It originally only has 22,000 residents with the maximum possibility of 31,048 people to live there. During the summer period there would be a significant increase of the inhabitants affected by the many number of people who are visiting some of whom are having their European honeymoon packages as well.

Honeymoon Destination in Europe with Diverse Culture

The diversity of culture in Lagos is one interesting attraction that makes it a popular among the honeymoon destination in Europe. Gastronomy is one famous local product that has its best quality even for tourists. Local specialties in gastronomy such as Dom rodrigos and morgados are very famous. They made cookies using only localy based products such as eggs, fish, and also almonds. Furthermore Lagos itself is also known as a wine producer region. The Moscatel wine is one of the famous wine products from Lagos. Another notable alcoholic product from Lagos is known as the aguardente de medronho which is actually just made of berries. Wines and also cookies are just a couple of local products that make Lagos to be one of the top European honeymoon destinations. It is not surprising if this place becomes a preferable honeymoon destination in Europe.

Trip Advisor First Ranked Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Lagos as honeymoon destination in Europe The city of Lagos is known to be the city that is most visited by people. There are other cities as well in Portugal and also Algarve has wonderful spots and areas yet they simply could not deal with the popularity of Lagos as honeymoon destination in Europe. There are many hotels, bars, beaches, and also restaurants which are all known to be very friendly to visitors in Lagos. Parties and also vibrant nightlife are also notable reasons that boost the popularity of Lagos. Despite all of those things, you can still find historical feature in Lagos as well. It was one center of the European trade of slave and also famous shipyard as well. The famous Henry the Navigator even makes Lagos as his frequent home. Trip Advisor which is one famous travel website worldwide ranked Lagos as the first travel destination on its list of 15 destinations on the rise which certainly makes it a very nice option of honeymoon destinations.

Description: Honeymoon destination in Europe especially in Portugal has one famous and popular city named Lagos. It was once a popular slave trade center makes it has historical feature.


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