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Scotland’s Honeymoon destination in Europe: Edinburgh City

Apr 2, 2014

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, for you who do not know yet, Edinburgh is known for one of the best honeymoon destinations in Europe. It is also known as one of the honeymoon capital of Europe just like Paris and London. There are many classical attractions and pampering hotels that you and your partner can visit and enjoy the sightseeing while learning the history of castles. This UNESCO awarded the City of Literature is home to one of the most famous art festival in the world ̶ the Edinburgh International Festival that has been held in the city since 1947. However, you should take a look at the festival schedule to know when the perfect time to come.


Festivals in Edinburgh as Your Honeymoon Destination in Europe

If you are planning your honeymoon destination in Europe, then Edinburgh can be one of the cities to visit. You can simply take a slow train from London and enjoying the view along the way before you get to the city. If you are aiming to see the Edinburgh International Festival, you can come in between July and September. The range of events has held in throughout those months and it has many festivals in festival events such as the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which is the biggest event of artistic performance that held more than 2,500 shows in 25 days at over 270 venues in Edinburgh. The art performances vary from classical and contemporary theatre acts in music and dance performance. Other festivals like the Edinburgh International Book Festival and Edinburgh Military Tattoo are held in between the Fringe or shortly before or after it. The Festivals can complete your experience of honeymoon destination in Europe.


Honeymoon Destination in Europe of Edinburgh for the Arty Couple

If you are falling away from the festivals, you can visit the peaceful museum and see the histories that are in Edinburgh. Museum of Childhood, National War Museum of Scotland and Royall Scottish Gallery can be visited as you experience the art and history of Europe. Edinburgh as a honeymoon destination in Europe is located in between the shoreline and the hill. This gives Edinburgh fresh breeze throughout the day when it is in summer. The nice weather will accompany you while you are exploring the Gregorian building and the art pieces that you can see across Edinburgh as Edinburgh will serve you as the best honeymoon destination in Europe.
Description: Honeymoon destination in Europe of Edinburgh city which is the capital of Scotland. With many art galleries and festivals held, the city is perfect for arty couple.


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