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How Time Travel - Theories about How Time Travel Do

Nov 23, 2013

Some scientist is doing some investigation about how time travel. They are still looking for facts about how actual time travel. The thought of time travel have been emerged after some Newton’s theory studied about the possibility of the time travel. It was the time before 1905, when there was not anything to say about the time. But in the century of 17th, Newton, the famous scientist, defined the time as thing that will continue., though without being followed by any link in reality and due to the nature. Everyone has believed time would influence to the environment.

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Some Theories explaining how time Travel

By the time theory explaining of how time travel had changed. The theory about how does time travel had changed actually in 1905 according to the Einstein’s theory which studied about special relativity. In that theory, Einstein showed that time can also be influenced, but it does not explain that time could be changed in any way so everybody can travel into future time or past time. This would become clear in which speed of the light has given the majority influence for possibility of how time traveling. Due to speed of light, the object could move quicker than the light speed for traveling through time. We used tunnel effect, effect in quantum mechanics. It means that ray of light which is sent via certain barriers will arrive immediately at the other side of barrier compared whether there was not any barrier. If the time travel is really possible based on relativity theory, it would emerge another problem with it. The problem is about the paradoxes. Talking about this problem, there is not logical explanation which can explain about the problem. This makes the common people still do not know how to understand how time travel.
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Talking about the theory of time travel, here are two physics explaining about it, Newton’s physic, then Einstein’s physics. If you use the Newton’s formula, and the formula of Einstein, you will get the different value. In the general condition, the difference is actually a small difference. But in an abnormal condition, it will become a big difference. To explain more about how time travel there some example, for example: The one who is on a rail which moves at high speed and the one who measure distance between the sleepers of rail will measure smaller distance than the one who can stand still next to the railway. Due to the Newton’s physics, our intuition would say distance will leave the same.

Description: How time travel still becomes a mystery for the most of scientist in the world. Although there is some theory which had studied about it, still there is not any logical explanation about it.


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