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How Time Travel Happens With the Evidence

Dec 21, 2013

How time travel runs are developed time by time by many scientists. They may develop it to prove the real existence of time travel. People will throw so many advantages if the time travel exists. The other possibility can be bigger. The history and the future can be dug by the time travel. Time travel can be a revolutionary invention if it can happen in reality. People have so many theories about time travel. Einstein or other scientists in the past also strive to have theories about this time travel. It can be possible by comparing the speed or velocity of the light. The evidence proves time by time about the existence of the time travel runs.

how time travel

The evidence of how time travel happens.

People wonder about how time travel occurs. Some have the simple analogy with light velocity. Let’s say if we travel at high velocity like the light, we could see all of thing around us run slowly. People walk, the children drink, the water drop, or a cup of coffee falls will run slowly because we have different time running from others. This is unlikely the simplest analogy to indicate the time travel works. The other theory like Einstein’s may be able to prove the time travel. Like the Charlie Chaplin entitled The Circus, there was a strange phenomenon in that picture. It is possible that telephone cellular in 1982 exists. Even the telecommunication in 1982 does not have any sophisticated way. The people in that era still use the letter or other manual thing to communicate to another part of the area. This is the evidence of how time travel is actually genuine.

Most people are difficult to believe this real evidence. The edited photo software may be the reason of their belief. They may state that the evidence is only to manipulate how time travel or to defend the intellectual theory like Einstein. Therefore, the other real evidence is actually needed to demonstrate the hypothesis.

Description: The existence of time travel has pros and cons. People develop the theory to prove the existence of time travel through how time travel works in the past and future.


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