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Amsterdam and The Hague as the Best Places to Travel in Europe

Apr 22, 2014

Best places to travel in Europe are very easy to find. You must have known that Europe has many great destinations that many people want to travel. There are so many great countries with many great spots to travel. One of them is Netherland. Netherland is a considerably small city in the NW of Europe. The small area is one thing that makes the cities in here become the main attraction for the travelers. The small area in this country resulted in the minimum number of crimes here. As an addition, the cities here are nice and clean. If you have decided to go to Netherland, then you really have to go to Amsterdam and The Hague. These cities are the best from Netherland.

Best Places to Travel in Europe that Amsterdam has

Best places to travel in Europe can be found in Amsterdam. As the capital of the Netherland, Amsterdam is not only becomes the center of the government, but also the center of many great attractions that you can find in Netherland. If you are travelling to Amsterdam, then you really have to do the New Amsterdam free tour and go to the Anne Frank Huis, or the house of Anne Frank. The New Amsterdam free tour is offered by many providers. This is one of the government’s ways to show the new side of the Amsterdam to the travelers around the world. The House of Anne Frank in Amsterdam is another spot that you have to visit in Amsterdam. That is because the stories of the great Anne Frank can be seen in this house, which become one of Amsterdam’s best places to travel in Europe.

Best Places to travel in Europe that The Hague has

If you have gone to the Amsterdam in Netherland, then you also have to visit another city in here. The name of the city is The Hague. If you are looking for the artistic part of the Netherland, then this is the city. The Hague is like the masterpiece of Netherland where you will find many places to feel the arts sensation of the country. Since the city is very famous for the arts, then you really have to visit many museums that The Hague has. Museon, Museum Gemeente, and Esher Interactive Museum at the Palace are The Hague’s best places to travel in Europe. Therefore, you should not forget to visit these museums. However, if you are tired of looking all of those beautiful arts, maybe you can go shopping for once. It is not hard to find many great stores with cheap prices in The Hague.


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