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Korce, Exotic Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Apr 18, 2014

Among the many choices of the honeymoon destination in Europe there is Korce as one of them. The name of the city has different form in other languages. It would be called Coriza (Italian), Koritsa (Greek), and Gorice (Turkish). Korce is a particular city located in the southeastern part of Albania which is also the capital of Korce District. During the year of the 2009 census the city has a total of 105,000 populations of people. It makes the city to be the sixth largest in Albania. The city itself is quite exotic since it sits on a plateau having its height of 2,789 feet above the sea level. The Morava Mountains surrounded the city which also adds to the beauty and exotic accent on the Korce that surely could be one best honeymoon destination in Europe.

Korce for honeymoon in Europe

Honeymoon Destination in Europe of Museums City

Museums City is one particular nickname given to the city of Korce. It emphasizes the fact that the city has a bunch of historical features adding to the beauty of the city as one of the honeymoon destination in Europe choices. It has one huge museum named the National Museum of Medieval Art having very rich archives. There are 6500 icons along with approximately 500 objects in the form of stone, metal, and also textile as well. Another famous museum which is located in Korce is the National Museum of Archaeology. This particular museum was once the residence and gallery of the famous painter named Vangjush Mio. This honeymoon destination in Europe was also the first building of the Albanian School as well before functioned as a museum as of today. Other museums that are located in this one of honeymoon spots in Europe would be the Oriental Museum and also Bratko Museum.

Korce for honeymoon in Europe

Antiquity of the Honeymoon Destination in Europe Korce

The city of Korce inherits antiquity from its various cultures back then. There are neolithic remains that have been found in this honeymoon destination in Europe city. It signifies that it have been occupied in 4000 BC. The so called Mycenaean pottery indicated that the city of Korce as also occupied during the late Bronze Age as well. Greek tribes under the name of Epirote group were once lived in Korce as well. All of those different groups of people who have lived in Korce back then simply add more diverse culture and remains that could boost the beauty and uniqueness of the city as one of the honeymoon destination options.
Description: Honeymoon destination in Europe has one exotic place located at 2,789 above sea level and surrounded by mountains with diverse ancient culture known as the Korce city in Albania.


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