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Florence, Renaissance Accented Italian Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Apr 17, 2014

Florence as honeymoon in Europe If you are looking for one honeymoon destination in Europe you might want to consider choosing Florence. The city of Florence is the Tuscany region capital city from the Florence province located in Italy. The city of Florence is the city with most population in the Tuscany region. There are 370,000 approximated people living in Florence. Talking about Italian cities means that talking about fashion matter. The city of Florence is also an important Italian fashion city. Florence itself was ranked within the top 50 of the world's fashion capitals. In terms of economics, it has the 17th highest value of average income in all over Italy during the year of 2008. That could be achieved since Florence is the center of industrial and also tourist hub which is also a worthy destination to visit.

Historical Honeymoon Destination in Europe

One important factor that makes the city of Florence as one possible best place in Europe for a honeymoon is its historical aspect. Back then Florence was considered the Renaissance birth place. It was the center of medieval European finance and trade. This honeymoon destination in Europe was also one of the wealthiest cities at that time. The title of Middle Ages Athens was also given to the city of Florence back then. One famous ruler of the city was the Medici Family which contributed to the turbulent history of politic throughout the city of Florence. The Florence Historic Centre has been known to attract many people to visit the city. In the year of 2009 Florence was ranked in the 72nd place of the most visited city having 1,685,000 total visitors. If you are history lovers this city would really be the best honeymoon destination in Europe where you could enjoy the historical beauty along with your soul mate.

Renaissance Honeymoon Destination in Europe

Florence as honeymoon in Europe There are several places in Florence that serve the purpose as the main attractions or sights of this one of the top European honeymoon destinations related to the Renaissance history. One of the most famous spots is the some shaped cathedral named Santa Maria Del Fiore. This honeymoon destination in Europe is also known as The Duomo which was built by Filippo Brunelleschi using mainly brick and mortar. After approximately 600 years of its completion the cathedral is still the largest dome building to be built using only bricks and mortar. Another notable sight would be the medieval wall named Piazza Della Signoria which also contributes to the fact that Florence could be the best choice of honeymoon destination.

Description: Honeymoon destination in Europe offers one place with Renaissance accent named Florence. The city is located in the Tuscany region of Florence province Italy which has a big history.


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